Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Encouraging Words for Moms

I am re-reading A Mom Just Like You by Vickie Farris and her daughter Jayme Farris Metzgar. I read this book quickly the first time around and passed it on to a friend.
At the homeschooling convention I was drawn to buy it again.

"When people ask us how we can be productive for God if we are saddled with all these children, we need to remember that God is the one who brings about spiritual productivity. I believe we modern believers would do well to relearn the truth of 1 Corinthians 3:7. "So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth." Far too often we act as if we are in control of the growth of God's Kingdom. But He simply calls us to faithfully sow, water, and harvest, and to leave the results up to Him. We do the work we are assigned to do; God gives the increase."

"Our kids are taught, fed, and bathed; but so what? Little do we know that these simple acts of service are enriching the 'soil" of our children's lives to produce a tremendous harvest. God has a way of using our service in ways we couldn't expect-and could never have imagined."


All I need to do when I feel discouraged is to read a bit of clear writing that encourages me to 'give it to God, do it for God and remember that it is in His capable Hands.'

Thanks Vicki Farris.

-Artwork by Albert Popa courtesy of Art.com

"If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as if our hard work ain't been in vain for nothing."
-Guess Who?

An interesting and inspiring article by Heidi Bratton can be found here.
Heidi is a good friend of my sisters, Janice and Janet.
Heidi has a new book out called Making Peace with Motherhood.
I'd like to have that on my shelves too :o)

Keep up the good work!

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