Friday, June 18, 2004

I love to laugh!

This blog-sistah made me laugh last night.

Jess's crazy eBay auction

I also love to think.

I've been thinking about food, churches and child rearing.

In some cases more knowledge is NOT one bit helpful. Like the food issue. I know a gal who has high cholesterol. She is very thin and very fit. She is also a Physician. She asked for recommendations from her friends. It was amazing to me to see the options she was told; how great Atkins works, and how Low Fat works, and how low dairy works, and how eating oatmeal works....
It makes your mind just spin. Who do you believe Dr. Atkins or Dr. Dean Ornish?

People on both sides are extremely sincere. They have the books and degrees to show you just how sincere they are...

I would probably go with low fat, eat oatmeal and buy herbs.

My brother-in-law would do Atkins, no question about it. He is a true believer.


I am reading a book about cutting sugar out of the diet. I do believe sugar is the culprit to many of our health woes.
My dream diet would be whole foods, very low sugar, (including white flour and processed foods), a little protein with every meal.

My real-life diet is quite the opposite.

Odd thing is my cholesterol is fine and dandy. Go figure.

Still I will attempt to put healthy food into my mouth.

And mostly I will work on NOT being a glutton.
Cause for me, it's not so much what I put into my mouth it's the amount.
It is eating when I am not hungry. It is eating past satisfied.


Greek phagos, given to eating,

1. One who eats voraciously, or to excess; a gormandizer.

Given to eating. Good one!

For some of us it is a lifelong struggle. For some right here in my own family, food is not an issue. At least over consumption of it.


So if you were told you had high cholesterol and you did not want to take drugs, what would your approach be?

Encourage one another,

Oh and by the way...look who won again!
Go Kenny...

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