Monday, April 18, 2005

Do you remember the story of the Princess and the Pea?

It is actually named The Real Princess and it was written by Hans Christian Andersen.
This is the year of Hans Christian Andersen's two hundredth birthday!
How about that?

I just wanted a picture of the bed :o)

And look at that beautiful illustration I found by one of my favorite illustrators Margaret Tarrant. (MamaT introduced me to Margaret Tarrant)

So anyway....

The reason I am looking for a picture of a bed is that after 25 years we are getting a new mattress!

(Thank you Uncle Sam.)

It will be delivered this afternoon!
The long, long wait is over!

It is six inches higher than the bed we have now! (we chose the low profile box spring because otherwise the bed would have been 10 inches higher then our current bed)

Katie queried, "How will I be able to climb up there?"

"You may need a stool!" I answer with a grin.

It really is fun waiting a long time for something, cause finally getting it is oh so sweet.

It couldn't possibly be too comfortable, could it?

Doing a happy dance,

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