Friday, April 29, 2005

Where do I start this morning....Friday Five.

I'll post the Friday Five and then tell you about our exciting weekend plans.

1. Did you go to college? Where?
2. What was your major?
3. Do you recommend your alma mater?
4. Would you do things differently?
5. Tell us about some of your extra-curriculars.

And why do I have college on my brain?
Well we have four college boys here at the house for the weekend! Matthew brought home three friends from Omaha; Matt, Dave and Luke.
They arrived last night at 12:15!

They seem like nice, fun guys!
They will go to a Brewers game tonight but before they go I will have dinner for them. Yummy Italian Beef. Homecooking is so important for college boys, don't you think?

They have never been to Wisconsin before so I might just have to make a cheese curd run!

Then bright and early this morning I took Emma to meet up with her homeschool choir as they are headed off on a tour. The High School choir is comprised of 40 teens.
They have been working on their music and choreography since January and they are excited to finally get to perform for real live people. They will sing at schools, retirement centers, shelters and a church.
The tour is such a blast for the kids and the parents who go along are really just the greatest servants.

Emma and one of her girlfriends.

Getting ready to board the bus.
(Sue, check out the purse Emma is using. She thinks it is the best :o)

So I have Matthew and his friends to keep me company when Emma is gone. I like having a housefull!!!

Katie is dying for the big boys to wake up.
They are not on the same all.

She seems to always be learning patience. Poor dear.

Don't forget the Friday Five. I am very curious to hear what schools you attended!
Share away!

Encourage one another,

p.s. Maggie is feeling better.

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