Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Kitty Pain

I took our sassy Calico cat to the vet this morning. She is being declawed.
We have never really wanted to do this but in order to live happily in the same house with me, it had to be done.

She scratches Katie everyday. On the face. This is done just because Katie wants to pet her. Not pull her tail, or hit her, or even pick her up.

She is ruining my lovely new couch in the living room.

She is scratching the wood on the windowsills.

She scratched a big hole in the sliding door screen. (We will be getting a new door and don't want that ruined too)

So Maggie the cat is in for a very bad day. Poor dear.
We were told the first time we took her to the vets that Calicos can be rather sassy...and well...she has lived up to that prediction.

She growled at me when I picked her up today. (How dare I pick her up)
And then she hissed at me when I put her in the car. And complained the whole way to the vets.

I try to be sweet and nice to her but her ears go back and she scampers away.
(Actually Emma and I think it is very funny that she hates my voice)

She is one scaredy cat.

When I came home from the vets, Katie and I prayed for her. At least this made Katie feel better about it.

Maggie the cat will come home tomorrow morning...
I hope she will be okay.

So that's what's on my mind today.

What's on yours?


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