Friday, April 22, 2005

It's just for fun

It's just for's just for fun....

Really, I'm not worried if I pass the try-out of not.
I'm just trying to calm myself down.

I haven't put myself 'out there' in a long time.

How about you?

Friday Five Freak out!

1. When was the last time you had butterflies over something you were about to do?
2. What was it?
3. Have you ever tried out for a game show?
4. Jeopardy or Wheel. of. Fortune?
5. What are you doing today?

My itty bitty knit-shop is up and running.

If you look over at the sidebar you will notice a new link.
Sweet Pea Knits
That's me...and my handknit mittens and socks.

(Yes I know it's April...but what are ya gonna do? Maybe someone from Baffin will come by and shop :o)

I will be knitting some darling buttonhole bags too!
The sweet ladies at Mason-Dixon Knitting have given me permission to use their cute pattern! Thank you ladies!

Take a peek at Sweet Pea Knits. No pressure to purchase.

Okay...I'm off....

I'll let you know this afternoon how things went at the try-out.

It's just for's just for fun....



Hi! I'm home!

I had a great time...but I did not make it!

That's okay. There were 100 folks taking the test with me and only THREE passed the test!
No points for a pretty smile and cute outfit!

I did get a pen that says Jeopardy on it! hehe

But you would not believe the good luck mojo that was rubbing off of me!!!!

I arrived 45 minutes early and plopped myself down next to a nice woman. We gabbed until we were called into the testing room. She was pushed into signing up and doesn't get to watch Jeopardy very often. She came to Madison from Milwaukee to take the test.

When we entered the testing room I took a seat closer to the front and sat next to a serious looking fellow. We did not speak until after the test. After the test I started asking him what some of the answers were??? You know the ones that are on the tip of your tongue...
So we visited until the Jeopardy folks came back in the room to announce the 'winners'.

It didn't look like he was holding many pieces of paper...and he wasn't.

First name he called...Sandy.
My new friend from Milwaukee.
Woohoo! Good for her.

Second name. Ken from Rockford.
My new friend, sitting next to me.
Woohoo! Good for him!

Third name. Unknown woman.
Woohoo. She did not need my good luck mojo :o)

So only those three were asked to stay and play with the buzzers.

I gave Sandy a hug and wished her well as I left.

They do not tell you your score. And I wonder if they just pick the top three or if it is minus one or minus two. Must be very high for that many people to 'fail'.

I left with a smile and flushed cheeks.
It was fun!

They asked us not to tell the questions, so I won't.

I missed two geography questions and one science question.
But I got the Shakespeare question right!!! along with most of the popular culture questions, of course.

I sure hope Ken and Sandy are chosen for the show. They were nice. And smart.

Sandy told me the sweetest story about her Grandmother. Her Grandmother wanted to go on The Price is Right her whole life. She finally got to go on when she was 80 years old. She won a washer and dryer. When the washer and dryer was delivered the newspaper came and took pictures. She told Sandy that it was the best thing that ever happened to her (being on The Price is Right) When Granny died they buried her in her Price is Right t-shirt and name tag from the show.

I hope her grand-daughter get to go on Jeopardy!

And so it goes...

Thanks for your sweet support. I am lucky beyond words :o)

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