Thursday, April 14, 2005

I am the proud owner of one of the above. Guess which one?
The Audi Turbo or the Addi Turbo?

Yes, you guessed right. The knitting needles :o)

Fine needles they are. Fast with a soft cord and smooth transfer!

A delight to knit with.

Little bitty mittens for a little bitty boy.

Katie will get a pair of these too.

Knit with Lorna's Laces yarn.
Size two dp's.
Vintage pattern.


I finally watched To Be and To Have last night.
It is such a gentle, subtle movie.

George Lopez is a patient, patient man with a love for teaching and it was nice to watch and learn from him. (The movie is a documentary of a teacher and his students in a one room school room in France)
I think those of you who are homeschooling a large family would find this movie interesting. He has beautiful control of his classroom and the children are so quiet. Not that anyone is aiming for this...but I was impressed that he could accomplish so much with such a quiet manner.
I am going to start whispering my orders from now on :o)

Thank you to the poster who recommended this quiet movie.
Speak up, if it was you :o)


One more little thing.

For dinner last night I prepared a salad of lettuce, pears, pecans and chicken with the raspberry vinaigrette.
It was excellent! The raspberry vinaigrette was light and tangy. Not too sweet at all. Superb.

Thank you all for your salad helps...I have been having fun with your suggestions and recipes!

Encourage one another,

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