Saturday, April 23, 2005

Good Morning

The Jeopardy Update is added on to yesterdays post, if you came a lookin' for that :o)

My friend, MFS over at Mental-Multivitamin, wrote a dandy of an article for today's post. It is one of her gems. I love when she writes this type of article.

Focus on the moment you're in. Not on the best handwriting book, most compelling history text, or most brilliant math program. Not on message boards or blogging buddies. (In fact, if you can, try an experiment: Limit yourself to no more than, say, one virtual visit daily.) Not on all the stuff you could be doing. No. On the moment you're in. On what you should be doing. Teaching. Learning. Coaching. Leading. Modeling. So, for example: Your children's minds are wandering? They've got holes-in-the-brain, you say? Where is your mind? Are you focused on them? Yeah, I didn't think so. Now that you are, discover why aren't they focused. Physical needs met? Something big coming up? Time for a walk? You get the idea.

That is just a tiny bit of the article. Go and read the rest.

Nice writing and thinking, Ginger :o)
Thank you!

Off to do some modeling...cutting strawberries,


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