Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Behind the scenes at the Superbowl with two lucky fans.

These girls were picked by Ellen to go to the Superbowl.
One a Steeler fan and one a Packer fan. They drove part of the way but got stuck in the snow and had to get on an airplane.

Enjoy watching these girls as they share their excellent adventure with Ellen.

I expect to see Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews on Ellen's show soon.

Ellen and Aaron have a little something going on ;o)


Katie showed me a quiz she completed in religion class.

Here is what it said.

As a 5th grader, I can be a priest, prophet, and a king by:

Priest: teach others about God and participate in church.

Prophet: Don't gossip and be kind to others.

King: Serve others.

I am thankful that my little girl is learning such big important truths in school.
I may not use words like Priest, Prophet and King....but if this is how it is taught
at her little Catholic school, I think it's a wonderful thing.

Fancy words, lofty words, with the most humble simple truths at the core.

Thank you God for Blessed Sacrament and it's ministry to children and families in Madison.


Encourage one another,

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