Thursday, February 03, 2011



You can not hold tightly to the pretty drifts of snow.

They are made to be annihilated.

By little girls in snow pants.

(Here is a little secret....I am shooting this from inside the house. I can't actually open the door without snow coming in.)

DSC_4712-6 copy

Ah. The warm sun.

Makes Wisconsin feel like....Nome.


Here kitty, kitty.

Katie threw snow at me and scared the cat. Her tail got all big and she hissed. (the cat. not Katie. hey. what's that called?)
So she did it over and over.

This is entertainment.


And this. Well, is this not a blast from the past!?

Silly socks always seem to slip down in your boots.


And then the sun went down and the snow on the window was beautiful.

Beauty Actually
is all around.

Encourage one another,

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