Monday, October 17, 2005

It is the perfect day to stay in bed.
It is dark outside and I hear the rain above me.

Isn't it funny, how listening to rain is a relaxing sound...but the dripping can drive you batty?

I finished some labor-intensive, cost-prohibitive, Koigu socks this weekend.
So purdy!
They are the start of my Christmas 'shopping'.

And the thought of Christmas Shopping just freaks me out a little.
One of these years, I am going to save and budget for Christmas.
And I know it will be the best thing I have ever done. I will be free and shopping will be fun. Next year. I will do it next year. Mark my words.

Twenty dollars a week should be enough.
I am 48 years old.
It's about time I have a plan!



On stormy days
When the wind is high
Tall trees are brooms
Sweeping the sky

They swish their branches
In buckets of rain
And swash and sweep it
Blue again.

~Dorothy Aldis


Do you plan ahead for Christmas expenses or do you do the Holiday shuffle?

Encourage one another,

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