Thursday, October 13, 2005

A few days ago, young Melinda queried in the comment box,

"someday soon, I will learn to be a wonderful cook, do you think that is something you can learn? I sure hope so..."

I absolutely think you can learn to cook!
All it takes is desire and practice.

I remember hearing my mother being complimented on her delicious meals.
But then I also remember hearing that she did not know a thing when she was first married.
She was only seventeen when she was married and back then families did not go out for fast food very often at all. So the cooking responsibilities rested on her young shoulders. And cook she did.

She cooked traditional foods. (Now that I think of it...she did not bake.)

She learned from her mother, her motherin-law and from the Betty Crocker cookbook.

One of the most memorable things she prepared was a thoughtful side dish of cottage cheese, peaches and a cherry.

She would place a perfect little scoop of cottage cheese on the plate, then she placed three or four canned peach slices around the cottage cheese, to this she placed 1/2 a cherry on top of the cottage cheese.

Don't you just know that came right from a picture in a magazine :o)

I once heard a famous French chef/food critic say that one only needs to perfect ten recipes.

That's hopeful. Only ten.

Another good thing about there is so much information and help available. Cookbooks and cooking shows are such fun. And family recipes are priceless.

I make my mother's spaghetti and my mother-in-laws meat loaf, my grandmothers' German potato salad and oatmeal.

One of my proudest cooking accomplishments is my turkey gravy.
It's wonderful.

It took many years to make enough for the whole family. (That was the tricky part...getting enough gravy out of the meager drippings)

And I learned to make gravy from watching my mother. It is one of my most vivid memories. Our warm kitchen has many warm memories for me.

Some day I would love to take a cooking class.
Chinese sounds good, right about now :o)

So, yes, anyone can learn to cook!

Care to share your top five?

Thanksgiving Dinner
Red Velvet Cake and Carrot Cake
Potato Soup
Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip cookies

see~~ Recipes I have known and loved
for many of my favorite recipes.

Happy cooking and eating!

Encourage one another,

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