Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy 36th Birthday Brett!

Here in Wisconsin it is officially Brett Favre Day. Really.
Just read the second to last paragraph;

Wisconsin State Legislature proclaims Oct 10th.....

The Packers started the season 0-4 and we have been feeling very down about the football season. But, hope has returned to Title Town after yesterday's amazing game!

The Packers won 52-3.

And guess who was there? Emma and Patrick Sr.!

The weather was perfect, the game was perfect...
and from what I hear the F-18's flew over at exactly the right time;
Last note of the Star Spangled Banner!
Oh...chills :o)

So, happy, happy birthday, dear Brett.
You have made watching football a pleasure!

Be well and never lose the joy!


Katie sang with the children's choir at Good Shepherd's church on Sunday.
The children sang 'I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, down in my heart',
Jesus loves the little children, and recited a verse with one of the leaders.

It was very sweet.

A tiny girl walked up from the congregation and stood right in from of the choir and just listened.

Katie sang well...but at one point I was worried that she was going to start tap dancing.

Inside my head I was repeating, 'Stand. still. Katie. Stand. still. Katie'

Other than that...

Thank you Beth and Stephanie.


Real life calls....

Encourage one another,

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