Monday, October 24, 2005


Up bright and early today...but it is not really bright and early, it is dark and early...

Katie and I are heading to a Halloween party this morning. My friend Kris likes to host parties for the little ones. The 'good parts version' of the parties we enjoyed as children.

So there will be costumes, bobbing for apples, pin the nose on the pumpkin and cookie and cupcake decorating.

Fun, huh?

Katie has decided to be a bunny.

The best part of this is, the bunny costume is Matthew's. When Matthew was three he liked to dress up...and he, like Katie never wanted to be scary. So for his birthday I bought him a beautiful velour bunny costume from a really cool costume maker (Suzo; now out of business...she is an artist...I googled her) We have bat wings and bat/cat ears from Suzo too!
Both of these costumes have held up so beautifully...and they have been WORN.

We do not think of Halloween as 'Satan's birthday' at all.
Our family enjoys the costumes and the candy and the fun memories with family and friends.

It's an American tradition. And God knows our hearts :o)

(My Halloween disclaimer...and I'm sticking with it)

I'll be back with pictures later in the day.

I have a really cute memory of my mother. She was the room mother when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. She hid in the classroom closet during a party and jumped out to surprise the class. She was probably wearing a costume...or a hat. I wish I could remember that!

I was room mother for the boys in school when they were small. I did not wear a costume. But the kids had a nice parade around the school block on Halloween.
That was neat.

Better get bunny just hopped out of bed.

Encourage one another,

What is the most memorable costume you have ever worn?

Photo Update

Farmhouse party. Decorating cupcakes and cookies.

Katie and C.W. with their marvelous pumpkins.

Katie twitching her nose...looking more like a scary bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Kris had a fire going in the cast iron stove and it was cozy inside. The children played nicely but none of them wanted to get their little fingers gooey with the insides of the pumpkin. I thought kids liked gross stuff. :o)

It was really a great little party, Kris! Thanks!

By the way, I asked Kris for the recipe for her sloppy joes but she was not helpful at all! She doesn't believe in recipes!

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