Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh yes, they call it the streak...

Melodee @ The Amazing Shrinking Mom has been streaking since Aug. 14th.

One hundred and thirty-nine consecutive days of exercise!

She started her diet one month before I did...and has continued to lose weight!
She is at -54.6 as I write this.
She will be less by Thursday.
Cause she is combining the two things most of us must do to lose weight.

Diet and Exercise.

For some reason, the exercise part of the equation just gets lost for me.
And then my weight loss slows down so much...I give up.


I have started my exercise streak.
Lynn is going to streak with me.
(Lynn and I live in different towns. Which is too bad cause the two of us could walk and talk for hours. No problem. But we will keep one another accountable.
Did you walk yesterday, Lynn?)
(My husband is going to walk with me when he can...but he is not committing to any streak :o)

We will do some physical activity every day.
Every day.

Now, I have picked 20 minutes.
The minimum time to exercise, for me, is 20 minutes every day.

The benefits for me will be;

weight loss
getting in shape for The Grand Tour
lowering my cholesterol

All very good reasons.
Yes, indeedy.

I promise I will keep a ticker of some sort on the sidebar to count the streak days.
And I will tell you all if I stop.

This will put a little pressure on me...to walk when I just don't want to walk.
Which I know is out there....
that day...

hopefully this promise is the thing I need to get going and keep going.

So those of you with cholesterol a mite higher than it should be...
would you like to join me?

Would you just like to join in the fun?

You are welcome to participate in The Great Streak of 2007.

Think about it.
Go and read The Amazing Shrinking Mom's website.
She is a much more thourough diet blogger than I will ever be.

Then let me know if you're in.

It could be fun.
And fun is good.

(I think that bad Cat in the Hat says that!)

Oh. By the way, I walked Sunday and Monday already :o)

(Exercise) Streaking!
Consecutive Days: 2

Now, where did I put my shoes?

Encourage one another,

p.s. Once when I was walking to a class at Stephens College,
three steakers streaked past.
I didn't see much.
They were fast!

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