Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hi! Sorry I'm late.

I get a bit out of sorts when real life interferes with blogging ;o)

I know most of you didn't watch Flash Forward last year, but Patrick and I did.

The premise was that at the same exact time everyone in the world blacked out for over two minutes and they saw the future.
No matter what you were doing, you blacked out. Woe is you if you were driving or flying or walking down some metal stairs.
It was a catastrophe.

When I come home after hours away, I sit in my spot on the couch and think," Phew. I am safe. I can black out now."

I don't just think it...I say it to Patrick. He understands. He thinks I'm nutty, but he understands.


Not a flash forward....a flashback!





I adore how the girls both have their hands on their Daddy's chest. How precious is that?


Katie and her big boy cousins!

That's all for now or I will never get this posted!

Happy Wednesday!

Encourage one another,

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