Monday, October 04, 2010

That darn cat!

I have so many heavy, serious things I could talk about today. And I could complain, which I have vowed not to on the blog...
"Do everything without complaining or arguing..."

And why so many thoughts?

1. Emma was home and she always inspires thoughtful conversation.
Men without chests, depression and suicide, India....

2. Cloudy woes. God's will? Coincidence? Bad luck? A sign?

3. Crazy cat found something under my bed worthy of playing with at 4:30 in the morning. Took three tries to get her out of the bedroom and shut her up. Wasn't able to fall asleep until 5:50ish. Too much thinking. Stop thinking. Go to sleep!!!

So here is what I will post today.

Pictures from my iphone.

The September Reel.


Asher. One hour old. Beautiful boy.


Katie loves smiley faces.


M Daisy. Our town. Sunday afternoon drive.


Paint daubs. Plates still visible.


By the time we got home the colors were gone.

It's worth a try with the iphone. Or droid. Or whatever.



Clicking Shutters, Falling leaves
Teeth chattering and fun!

Thank you all so much for coming to the workshop on Saturday!
I am truly humbled and honored that you want to come and learn from me.

Sorry about the clouds. :o(

Encourage one another,

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