Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring look

Ginny welcomes Spring with her green scarf!




Ginny's Top Ten Favorite Things

1. Blowing Leaves
2. Sniffing
3. Puppies!!!
4. Dogs
5. Cheese
6. the word Treat
7. Paper
8. Chewing
9. Animal bones, pizzle, rawhide
10. Licking

Yup. I'm afraid we are not on her list yet.
But we will keep trying to win her love.

She is trying hard to be a good girl.
She get compliments on being a calm, polite puppy.
Until we go to puppy class. At puppy class she loses her mind.
She can not calm down. She can not obey. She can not even look to her name.
It's like she is on crack.

Emma is coming home tonight. I can not wait to see her. This has been a long time apart for us.
I don't like that one bit.
I can't wait for her to get to spend time with Ginny.
I think they will like being together.

I must think of yummy things to make for Emma to eat....
I wonder if she would like the chicken and dumplings?
It's warm enough to grill. Emma likes burgers lately.
And when Emma is home, I have someone to eat salads with.


So happy.


Encourage one another,

p.s. Ginny can not eat bully sticks or rawhide anymore. She swallows big pieces whole....and then throws them up.
I am on the lookout for big beef knuckle bones.
Oh. man.

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