Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Flash Back Friday time!!!


It's 1979. I've just graduated from Hillsdale College.
I lived in an apartment in Wausau Wisconsin and went to sign language classes at the Tech. school there for a bit.
My apartment was 1/4 of a historic home. It was very Mary Tyler Moore.
I only lived there six months...but it was long enough to meet my husband at Pranges, where we both worked.

I am wearing Levi cords. Small white sweatshirt and a sand dollar necklace.

I probably have Dr. scholls on or I am barefoot.
My camera is a Minolta SRT 201 film camera.
Sue took this picture of me.
I miss her.


Here it is 1990.
Columbia Missouri.
Cindy turning 30.
Susie is expecting.
Emma is wanting me.

We are all wearing Laura Ashley dresses.


Here is Emma and her cousin Willie.

They are fishing on Green Bay.

Emma's birthday is tomorrow.
Isn't her curly hair amazing? I think so :o)

Apparently I was very afraid my girlie would fall in the bay.


How is the for a mug shot?
Note: Do not line your children up like this.

Patrick and Emma.

Happy Flash Back Friday.

Enjoy your blessings...they grow up too quickly.
Seriously. Enjoy your life.
There is always something to be thankful for.

Where there is a thankful spirit...there is joy.

Love Wins,

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