Monday, March 19, 2012

We have a nice little screw in the ground 'lead' for Ginny.
Guess it's longer than we thought.

You(I) really must be careful with this kind of thing. When we lived in Wheaton we had a six foot fence around the yard. After our parents died, my sister Nancy married her fiance and moved into our house. Binky was a dog lover. We never had a dog in the house until this time. I think the doggie was Zorba. For some reason Zorba was on a chain in the back yard....or was it a leash...or just her collar...but Zorba jumped the fence and hung herself ( I seem to think Zorba was a girl...not exactly sure). It was horrifying as you can imagine.

We had a rough few years. Parents dying. A fire on Christmas morning. Tragic dog accident.
It's a wonder we all made it thru. We were bombarded with bad stuff for a while.
I am thankful that we were resilient.

I am thankful Janet did not break her neck when I had her jump off the trampoline onto my shoulders. She missed my shoulders and flew over my head. I caught her feet/legs.
She just broke her arm.

How is that for a rabbit trail.

Dog on table leads to story of death and survival.


St Pats parade

I do not have a tragic story about kilts.
I have never even seen Braveheart.


The St. Patrick's Day parade in Madison is about family.
I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Scout in parade!!! Want one!

I was very happy to see the cool cars. I want this car. I want to give it to my husband.


Donna Boucher Photography
Portraits. Dogs. Cars.


This little doggie was a honest to goodness hood ornament.


Sweet wheels.


Rag Tag band.
rat a tat tat.

We loved the bag pipes.

Dr. Donna Doolittle at your service.

I'll let you know when Ginny can get her own leash.
Hope and prayer and thankfulness.

Encourage one another,

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