Saturday, March 17, 2012

We haven't been fortunate enough to go on many spring breaks trips as a family.
Katie has never been on one.

Once we went to Kiawah Island with Patrick Jr. Matthew and Emma.
Emma turned three, I think. Her birthday was on Easter that year.
It was absolutely the most wonderful vacation.
Except for the throwing up on the drive home. That was hard.
But we loved it down there.

Five years ago, Patrick and I took Emma and two of her friends to Paris, Florence and Rome for 'spring break'.
(the friends paid for themselves...we would love the be THAT generous.....)
Anyway. It was just the most glorious trip and I have the best memories.



florence bridge


(can you tell I didn't have photoshop yet? those pictures could use a boost)

We had hoped to go to a beach for Katie this year. Me and Katie hoped. Patrick has never hoped to go to a beach.
But it just didn't work out.

June clouds on a March day.

But something amazing has happened.

Spring break weather has come to Wisconsin!

Katie's first 3D

We are going to enjoy every drop of sunshine and eat brats for days...and for goodness sake....get another Shamrock Shake.

It's St. Patty's day!

Dye something green!!!

Love you!
Mean it.


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