Thursday, March 15, 2012


Katie wanted to stay home from school to be with Emma.
I said no.

That was a hard one.

Emma leaves tonight.

Usually I would say....if you were homeschooled...yada, yada, yada....

Isn't that nice of me?

Somehow the sleeping late and no homework and freedom to be with people you love any ole time,
does not trump being with people at school for her. Katie really loves that whole scene.

I love her for it.


The girls played Horse.

For a little bit, Katie was ho.

Everyone always likes my color best~Emma

Emma and I had pedicures. I liked her color better than mine.
Emma says, "Everyone always likes the color I pick the best."

She is humble in most every other way.

Waiting room

Waiting and using up every bit of battery on my iphone yesterday afternoon.


Emma just woke up and we are going on a walk with Ginny.

Ginny is wiped out from all the exercise. I love it.

Thank you for the sweet comments!

Encourage one another,

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