Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Public Service Announcement and Fun Facts with Patrick

Lately I have been hearing the term, "jump the shark". Have you been hearing it too?
If not yet. You will hear it sometime today or tomorrow. That's just the way these things go.

So anyway, I have heard this saying when someone is talking about a television show.
They will say, Downton Abbey jumped the shark when....
Grey's Anatomy jumped the shark when....

So I looked it up.

What does jump the shark mean?

It means when the show crossed the line and started going down hill...
crossed the point of no return. When the show went from crummy.

AND, my favorite part is...that this saying comes from an actual episode of


The episode when the Fonz was water skiing and he JUMPED OVER A SHARK!!

Seems this was just too preposterous and critics (I suppose) declared it donefor.


So there ya go.


How much does one have to pay for a Cab Medallion (for one cab) in New York City?

Have fun guessing!


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