Monday, April 21, 2014

keep rolling


we all have them...
money troubles...
health issues...
personal issues...
death of loved ones...
unexpected surprises...

crumbling teeth...

Oh dear.  

It can be overwhelming.  Frightening. Paralyzing.

But like this little doggie we saw in Chicago on Saturday...

I'm determined to keep rollin'.

I encourage you to keep rollin'.

There is always something to be thankful for...someone to love....

everything is going to be alright...

Encourage one another,


  1. Amy J in WI9:31 AM

    I hope you enjoyed your time with Emma in Chicago. And I hope you don't have crumbling teeth!

  2. That is precisely what Patrick and I have!! Ugh.

  3. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Thanks for the encouragement. : )

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  4. Dawn K10:05 AM

    Amen! Very well said!!!

  5. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I love that his little head is held high. Sorry about all the health probs :( wish I could make you nutribullet smoothies every day.

    1. We may not have any teeth left to will have to be on liquid diet.

    2. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Cato is pretty happy for only having one tooth.

  6. Oh Donna
    I just love this post!
    We went to a Seder Dinner at our Church last week, its become a tradition for our family. As we make our way among the steps of the passover dinner, the word Dayenu is focused on. Its a Hebrew word that means "it would have been enough for us". Every Year when we reach this point in the dinner, I am brought to tears! Its helps me focus on the positives in my world, not the negatives. I get to get up every day and see another sunrise, and that surely is enough, but on top of that, I get to share each day with the people I love, work, and play. Its all so much more than I deserve. God is so very faithful!
    I am so sorry for your crumbling teeth, it makes me hurt just thinking about it! Prayers going up!

  7. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I also have crumbling teeth which are a result of a loving aunt who thought it would be great to teach her toddler niece to drink out of a Coke bottle. Bad baby teeth, bad teeth all around...who knew that would happen. As a result, my dentist recommended Colgate PreviDent 5000 Plus, a prescription strength toothpaste. You use it at night and then can't drink anything afterwards. At least it does not taste bad. No matter what happens, knowing God is with us in even the smallest detail of our lives is encouraging. love and prayers, jep

  8. I am sorry about the teeth. I hope you like your dentist; it makes all the difference.

    I have 2 bridges and a partial (hello Alaska, land of no fluoride - I love you, my home state - but you were no good for my teeth!)

    Love love love this doggy.

    You remain in my prayers. Blessings to you, dear Donna - you are such a blessing to us.

    1. Anonymous11:16 AM

      I was a dental assistant for seven years for two dentists. One was wonderful and the other not good at all. I hope you have a wonderful dentist, Miz Boo, because it does make a huge difference!

      Sarah P.

    2. Sarah P. I admire you for working at a dental office. Oh the sounds! But I am sure I would have loved having you for an assistant :-) When I got the courage 14years ago to take care of my issues, my dentist was so very kind and compassionate that I wept, and he patted me on the shoulder and was So. NICE. I could weep just remembering <3

  9. I have a regularly occurring nightmare about my teeth crumbling apart in my mouth and spitting them out in pieces. It is so distressing. I'm sure it MEANS something....

    And Emma, I just had a nutribullet smoothie! :)


    2. Me toooo! Gonna check out your link.

  10. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Oh, how I needed to hear those encouraging words from you today. Suffering from sinus infection and tooth ache. I WILL KEEP ROLLING thanks to you.

    1. Sending prayers your way, anon. God bless.

  11. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Love the doggie!! So very sorry about your teeth. Greg got me a nutribullet for Christmas and I now have a smoothie for breakfast everyday. Health packaged as a chocolate shake is not a bad way to start the day. :)

    Mary Z

    1. That is what we gave Emma for her birthday.

  12. Anonymous11:52 AM

    so true. Last week I found out an old friend (age 50) has pancreatic cancer and that another friends son (who is a 12th grade honor student) is addicted to heroin. You never know what life may bring! Both stories so sad and heartbreaking.

    1. I'm sorry to hear your sad news, MaryJo

  13. Yay for Nutribullets! We simply adore ours :-)

    It seems that whenever I'm a'strugglin', the Lord brings someone in my path who is struggling more and can use a hug with words of encouragement. A good reminder that we're all in this together and do truly need one another (even if we'd rather isolate ourselves when troubles come.....)

    Tammy ~@~

  14. Anonymous2:46 PM

    For instance, I'm grateful for you! your posts are beautiful and awe inspiring some


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