Wednesday, April 02, 2014

woulda coulda shoulda

I told Katie this story on Saturday and thought you would get a little kick out of it too.

I graduated from high school in 1975.
My brother Jim, who had been living on Martha's Vineyard came to my graduation.

I remember being the the backyard, swimming in the pool one day and Jimmy came out to talk to me.

He said, "Ya know, they are making a movie on the island.  They are looking for strong swimmers to be in it.  You should come out and audition."

I, being 17 with no self confidence nor acting ambition, was not ready to take on this kind of adventure.

(Katie on the other hand could NOT BELIEVE I would pass up such an opportunity.  She said...I'm not a strong swimmer but I would go anyway." :o)

And yes. Katie would have gone.

But I didn't.

And so....

I was not in......

woulda. coulda. shoulda.

Did you ever pass up a big opportunity?


p.s. Life is timing.


  1. I'm wondering if it was Sue's graduation? 1974. Seeing the release date is 1975...that makes more sense.

  2. You coulda been a stahhhhhh!!! xoxoxo

  3. I coulda been somebody.

    1. Anonymous10:15 AM

      Oh Miz Boo, you ARE somebody!

    2. you could have been "a shimmering, glowing star in the cinema firmament."


      It was not your destiny, I'm thinkin'

  4. I never heard this story before!!!! I wouldn't have gone either :)

  5. Dawn K10:12 AM

    Yes. I'm in the Orlando airport waiting for my bus to take me (and my friend) to our hotel. The airport staff member announces "Shuttle's coming." Most of the people standing around us calmly walk to the curb to catch their shuttle. We wait, because we know it's not our bus. A minute later a man walks back toward us, looks at us, and says, "You didn't want to see the space shuttle take off?" We ran to the curb, and we saw the large plumes of smoke from the shuttle. But we had missed seeing the space shuttle take off from Cape Canaveral. We assumed it was a shuttle bus, not the actual space shuttle. That was my missed opportunity!!

  6. Amy J in WI10:27 AM

    Oh, Donna. That could have been you in the "Jaws" poster! Anyway, the most interesting thing I learned today is that you were a strong swimmer :). I never knew that about you!

  7. I'm starting to take more risks that I normally wouldn't. I think turning in a few weeks is making me boost of confidence and a 'better now than never' mentality.

  8. Show me the way to go home….

  9. Anonymous11:14 AM

    When my husband and I were newlyweds a man in a suit knocked on our door and asked if he could come in and talk to us about investing money. We let him in, but made the decision that we couldn't afford to make the $20 investment per week that he was suggesting we make out of our $125/week income. We politely said no thank you. The man, who was starting out in his business at that time, went on to become a well-known investment broker who has made a lot of money for a lot of people. Of course, we kick ourselves now because had we taken his advice, our retirement years to come would be looking a whole lot different. But what are you going to do? We were young, but we should have said yes instead of no. And so life goes. : )

    Debbie Z.

  10. I'm happy to say that I've taken some chances, done some things (especially travel-wise) that I have no regrets about. Sometimes it's the little daily details that I let pass me by, that I wonder about later ... what might have come of *that* ??

    Ultimately I hope that I've walked the path that was meant for me, with help from above. xxx

  11. Anonymous12:09 PM

    When I was 21 I lived in DesMoines and babysat for a family. They ended up moving back to their hometown of Chicago. They offered me an all paid for trip to Chicago. No babysitting required...this would just be fun. I turned it down. So stupid. Live and learn, baby!
    Not a big deal, but still I regret it. : P

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  12. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Great story! I remember very long lines outside the theater when Jaws first opened. "We're gonna need a bigger boat!!!"

    If I've passed up any big opportunities, it's a blessing I don't remember them. :)

    Mary Z

  13. Just play the music to that movie and my heart rate starts rising!!!

    So close to fame! I would LOVE to go to Martha's Vineyard. And I would love to be a strong swimmer! Never have been.

    My almost famous friend, Donna Elsie (-:


  14. There's no doubt that life is full of lots of missed opportunities that we never even realize, if that makes any sense?

    I find myself saying "yes" more often the older I get because I don't want to live with regrets by saying no and wishing I had said yes. It does make life a bit o' an adventure ;) I always figure if the Lord really doesn't want me to do something, He has ways ways to stop me.....


    P.S. I think the next best thing to being in Jaws would be swimming in Lake Minocqua or Lake Tomahawk with all those big muskies with big teeth swimming with you! Maybe try it this summer.......hee hee.....

  15. I had the chance to live and work in Holland, right after I graduated from college. I turned down that opportunity but always remember that turning point. When I think about the conversation with my Dutch family, strong emotions rumble around and conflicted feelings surface.... and I feel wimpy, ... and safe.

  16. Axelle the french reader11:44 AM

    Do not have any regret, miz boo ! You should have been eaten by a shark !!! ;D


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