Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hey! All you coffee lovers!
Guess who has a job at Starbucks in downtown Chicago?

Emma Jeanie Jelly Beanie!

Yep. She is one hard working girl. She nannys for a family with two pre-teens three afternoons a week and now has added Starbucks to the mix. She loves both jobs and is keeping up with her studies quite well.

Hebrew. Did I tell you she is learning Hebrew?
It is challenging her...but she is digging in and working hard at it!

Katie has started going to bed at 7:30 since she told me she is always tired during math class.
It seems very early, but it is dark already by 7:30 so it is not hard to convince her.

I have started teaching Katie piano. She told me she is liking that better than she thought she would!
I can handle to beginning books but will have to find a knowledgeable teacher for her in a year I suppose.
Today we sign up for basketball at the YMCA with her Blessed Sacrament classmates. She enjoyed that last year!
And tomorrow I am going as a chaperone to the Dairy Expo with her class.

Moo ;o)



Last weekend Patrick and I went for a drive and ended up in Paoli.

The tiny town with my favorite shops.

I love this pink couch.
The woman at The Cottage Goddess recovers old couches she finds.
They are quite reasonable and adorable.



Paoli School House Shops


The School House is the most beautiful place in the world...

You really should visit Paoli, Wisconsin.
They have cheese curds too :o)

Happy, happy Tuesday!

Encourage one another,

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