Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Emmys were on Sunday night. Did anyone watch them?

I have my top three dresses...

Here we go.

Number Three.

anna torv

This is Anna Torv. I don't know who she is.
But I like the sequins and the color of this dress. (It looked a little more orange than this pic represents.)
I don't mind the plunging V on her. A dress needs one thing.
I think that V is the one thing.

I do not like her clutch. It is way too long.

Number Two

I think this is Jennifer Love Hewitt. I want to call her Jennifer Jason Love Hewitt or that other girl with a lot of names that she reminds me of.

But this night. She looked radiant. The pretty yellow has wonderful beading on it that you can not see.
I love this dress and would wear this dress if I was famous and thin and going to an award show.

I do not like the clutch either.
In this case. I would have matched it.

The winner is....


Mila Kunis. Who ever you are....you are perfection.

You know I love a blowing skirt and for that, you win.
The color is modern. Had this dress been black or mint green it would have looked vintage, don't you think.
But this is best for Mila, for 2009.

She should be dancing.


I like the length. She has pretty ankles.




So Dancing with the Stars.

What did you think?

I thought the Carter kid was a natural but he is too frenetic. Hope he can settle down.
Donny Osmond was my favorite but he needs to stop hooting and hollering so much.

Lots of the men were painful to watch.

Tom Delay in his sweatpants was....well....let's just say....the funniest sight gag of the night.


Did anyone watch the return of House?

Pretty touching. But a bit shallow.




Look at this! It came in the mail yesterday!
I plan on making Katie a pair of striped Halloween socks.
Knee socks.

I better get started.


Vesper Sock Yarn.

Found at Knitterly Things

Sign up for the emails if you want to get it before it sells out.
This stuff is fabulous and HOT.
Certain colorways are very hard to acquire.
I don't know of any other hand dyed striping yarn out there.
The striping is hard to do and not many artists are willing to keep at it.

I'm glad Julia has not moved on...and continues to produce her wonderful stripes.


I love these skeins of yarn so much I almost hate to cast on.

Is that weird or what?

Wishing you all the best Tuesday in the world!!!

Encourage one another,

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