Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I am going to comfort myself with this thought.....

I was a real space cadet in high school. Always forgetting.

"Donna, run upstairs and bring me your sister's sweater."

I would run to the top of the well worn stairs and yell down from the railing at the top,

"What did you want me to get?"

When I was a little bitty girl heading off the kindergarten I was happy go lucky for the first six years of school.
You know....the pixie-headed peanut, who stared out the window.
I was oblivious. Especially about math. New math.

2 + little box= 5

(of course I can't make a little box on the keyboard)

I clearly remember saying to my teacher with tears in my eyes,
"How am I suppose to know what goes in the box?"

Yeah. It was end of the year testing.

Have mercy. Lost little student.

"D is for dandy", said my dad with a smile.

And so. As I walk around all confused on the first day.....of Katie's school....

I am not afraid that I am getting old. I am not concerned that I have Alzheimer's. No I am not.

I have my long history with being dizzy to back me up and remind me that I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY.

Thank the Lord.

Cause I would really be starting to worry right about now.


Look at this amazing, sparkly, morning-time bokeh.

Let us observe a moment of silence.

Thank you very much.

When I backed out of the driveway this morning I saw the light hitting these wild plants. I mourned the fact that by the time I got home the light would be changed. But it was not. When I pulled in an hour later it still looked glowy and pretty so I came in the house and grabbed my camera and put my 50 mm lens on it. Set it to 1.4 and lowered the ISO to 100.

Such a pretty way to start September.

Encourage one another,

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