Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Over at Rechelle's blog, she is giving away a book.

Daddy Long Legs.

I have never read the book but am so very fond of this dance from the movie by the same name.

I remember seeing this way back when I was in high school.
I think it was on a black and white television.

I loved this dance then....and love it still.

My very favorite part is the hold when they dance together.

That one arm relaxed at the side is just the coolest thing I have ever seen!

Do you remember when you could not watch your favorite movies again and again?
In the days before video and dvd and Tivo and movie channels?
'member that?

Remember when The Wizard of Oz came on every spring at 6:00 on a Sunday night and it was the most special thing?

Or you discovered a movie by accident (like Daddy Long Legs) and you couldn't and wouldn't see it again for ten years?

On a morning that I have felt frustrated and upset by technology and my lack of control. (my comments box)

I am also thinking about how much I love getting to watch my favorite scenes from a movie right here on the internet...on youtube.

Like this scene, my favorite, from Jane Eyre.

Have you seen it?

"My best earthly companion."
What a line.

Now, I want to know what were the very first videos you owned when they first came out back in the 90's?

I got Singing in the Rain and The Princess Bride as a Christmas gift. VCR.

Encourage one another,

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