Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why are these people so happy?

My family!

Because they are together. That's why.
They are together and they adore each other.


We are sisters.


And brothers and sisters...


and twins....


and guardians.... our young, noble, guardian angels....

It has been 36 years since our parents died and we have held on to one another's hearts gently and with joy.


Somehow they passed on their amazing love of life and their love of family to each of us.
It was important to them.
We were important to them.

We live with joy and thanksgiving and love for one another because
it is what they would have wanted for their seven beautiful children....

And so we honor them by living joyfully and loving one another the best we can.

It was a great wish they had for their children.
It was the very best sort of wish.

How I miss them.

Encourage one another,

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