Monday, September 14, 2009


We have a tradition in our family.
It goes back years.

We ALWAYS leave the Packer's games early.

We hate crowds. We get there two hours early to miss the traffic and we leave before the game ends to miss the mass exit.

But the funny thing is....we always miss the most exciting part of the games.

I swear, we have heard winning touch downs while walking back to the car at least six times.

Last night was seven.

Things weren't going real well for the Pack last night. Poor Aaron Rogers didn't have any protection so he was just being chased all over and the receivers kept dropping the ball. So when da bears had the ball with 3:00 minutes to go, there was just not a lot of hope that the Packers would magically learn to play well. We expected a 3 and out.

So we headed for the car. Which was about a 3/4 a mile away.

As we walk we can hear the loud speaker for a while. We hear the Packers get the ball. We hear that they are 3 and 1.
We walk thru the dark, car lined streets until we hear a huge roar come from the stadium.
Huge ROAR and the Packers touchdown song. (Which is "I don't want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day."

And I scream out, "We scored!!! That's the song they play when we score."

So I am whooping it up on the dark street and Patrick and Katie are a little shocked that I am shouting :o)
A man and a woman step out of their ranch house and say, "Rogers to Jennings, fifty yard pass, Packers score!!!"


We didn't know we were at a winning game.
No. We did not. They didn't look too winning.

But, as usual, when our backs were turned, they pulled it off. Yay! Go Pack Go!



Seventy-five minutes till game time.


I said, "May I take a picture of your TAT?"

Yeah. I said that.


Katie and Vince.


Do other statues have glasses?


Katie received her Lambeau baptism last night.
Yep. Someone spilled beer on her.
I told her she couldn't wear her jersey to school with it smelling like beer.
She started to cry.
I promised to wash the Jersey as soon as we got home. (1:15am)
She wore it to school.

All better.


There were WAY too many bears fans at the game. It was just wrong to hear how loud they cheered!


I have a feeling the new Packers ticket resale (online) is helping out of towners (aka evil doers)
get tickets they otherwise would not have gotten.

I don't like it.

People from Wisconsin. If you have always wanted to go to a game, you can find tickets here:

Packer Tickets

The organization buys tickets from season ticket holders and sells them at face value for them.

What a day! What a fun day.

Encourage one another,

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