Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let's see now....what did I do yesterday?

Oh yes. I remember now. I sat at my new facebook fan page and watched you all sign up and say the nicest things!!!

My heart is full and so are my sinuses. I have not been feeling well this week so I didn't have the energy to do anything but sit. Yesterday's bombardment of love and kindness distracted me from my stuffy nose and aching neck and just blessed my socks off.

I have a friend from Marinette who use to say, "Oh my achin'". Just that. I always thought it was so funny.
Couple that with a nice strong northern accent and well...cracks me up.

So THANK YOU for the support and encouragement, it was the best early birthday present a girl could every get!


Wendy posted her nursing picture and it is so calm and pretty and lovely I wanted to let you have a chance to see it.
Her comment wasn't here is the link!

Wendy in Hawaii...for now...nursing

Don't worry....this is an extremely modest and tasteful picture :o)



I am going to practice shooting at higher ISO's. This was taken yesterday afternoon. It was cloudy outside.
The ISO was 800. That is not very high. But it is high for me.
Next stop. 1000.


Since Thursday is a crazy busy night for watching television I was not able to watch Flashforward.
It was replayed last night and I watched it.

It seems like a cross between Lost and Life on Mars and it feels like a movie.
Many actors from Lost are on the show. Penny and that Hobbit guy.

I can't wait to see what happens next! Excellent!

It better not be a dream.

Did anyone else see Knowing this summer?
Oh! We were blown away by how awful this movie was!!!
We can't stop talking about how bad it was....

Patrick and I just watched Lars and the Real Girl this week.

It was very interesting. Was this taken from a book?
I really want to understand more of what was going on in Lars' mind.
I just couldn't put together what Bianca did for him.
Just couldn't figure it all out and wished I was a psychiatrist so I could
understand the movie a little better.

But it was still a unique and interesting movie.

Well...that's all for this morning.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

Encourage one another,

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