Monday, September 05, 2005

After few days of the critics...of listening to people wonder why folks stayed in the gulf coast, I was very happy to read an article that was filled with understanding and compassion for the poor in our country.

We Just Don't Get It

Thank you Julie for leading me to The Pastoral Coach

We had a nice time at a family get-together/birthday celebration for my sister-in-law Annie last night. They always make brats and burgers on the grill. And they usually have everything covered.

So I brought blue finger jello!

I can share the recipe if you really want it. he he he

Annie did make a nice pretzel dip that I think you all would like.

1/2 cup Vanilla Yogurt
1 T. Brown Mustard

That's it. So easy and so good! Try it at your Labor Day picnic!

Here is a little information on Labor Day

What is a must-have dish at your family picnic?

Encourage one another,

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