Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Even Emma thinks Katie's work is more fun.

A few times yesterday I caught Emma watching Katie and me; listening, commenting.
After each page of Katie's math book I let her choose a little sticker to put on the page. (I picked out glittery fish and Katie picked out glittery crosses)

Emma: You let her put her own stickers on?
Me: Yes.
Me: Didn't I let you choose your own stickers?
Emma: Probably not.
Me: Well, it's such a little thing, that makes her so happy.

Later that morning, I noticed that Emma had chosen a sticker for her notebook :o)

A short time later, I was working on penmanship with Katie. We turned to the 'Z' page and I asked Katie if she knew what this letter was.

She said, 'Z' is for zebra, but it is also for zipper. (The page had a drawing of a zipper)
I asked her if she would like to draw a zebra. And then, I proceeded to make a big oval and some stick legs and a zebra head. Katie applied the stripes and asks, "Do zebras have tails?"

Emma calls from the other room, "Yes".

When I corrected Emma's math paper, I was greeted by a very cute, very tiny zebra.
I suspect drawing that little zebra and listening to Katie and me, makes Algebra II a little less...trying and dull :o)

Katie and I studied Reading in the living room so we didn't bother Emma with too much noise...but I suspect Emma will be listening and learning right along with us :o)

Encourage one another,

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