Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ah, it's so quiet here.

And I am staring at this blank white box.

My pop is popping and Katie is singing a quiet little tune while she plays with the Clue people.

(I just asked, "Katie's what are you playing with?
"The Clue people.")


She loves that game even tho she is far from really understanding it OR winning.

The box says '8 and up'. She is proud to be playing.

Did you see that Emma left a comment in yesterday's comment box.

Oh! What a treat!


Jeaneen is home from the hospital so Morgan left late yesterday afternoon.
Morgan was a delight to have here at the house.

Jeaneen feels hopeful that this surgery was a success.
The surgeon feels Jeaneen does too.
Only time will tell.

Please. God.


This weekend is the Madison Art Fair on the Square.

I love this art fair.

I don't plan on buying anything, but oh, how I love to look.

The weather is perfect, cool and dry, so the large crowds won't be quite as stifling.

Customarily, the crowd does the Zombie Shuffle around the square.

I try to avoid this, with all my might.

This year I will go without Patrick and Katie so I should be able to zig zag easily past the Zombies.

Ah, my life, and it's challenges.

Can't you imagine a little mouse using this Queen Anne's Lace as a parasol?
I can :o)

Happy Saturday!
Anything special going on this weekend?

Encourage one another,

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