Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm going to get our girl.

I love this picture of Emma.
It was the background on the computer for a month or so...
until Emma took it down.
It was a little embarrassing to her.

She is going to have to excuse me....again.

I'm going to O'Hare to pick Emma and Jordan up today...

I can't wait.

7 year old


Do you remember being seven?

I think I was younger than seven, but I remember sitting on the potty with my best friend Cathy.
We would go at the same time.
She was my only girlfriend.
I adored her.

I remember that she could not color in the lines yet.
She must have been four and I must have been five.
She is a Dr. now :o)

My only other friend was Billy.
We did not sit on the potty together.
But we collected bugs, roasted marshmallows and played kick the can together.

I adored him as well.

(Billy is KrisS' younger brother)

Summer's were lazy and easy back in the 60's.

This was the most exciting thing to happen all day!

We knew he was coming by the tinkle of his bells.

"The ice cream man is coming!!! The ice cream man is coming!!

"Mommmmmm!!! The ice cream man is coming!!!"

What were you doing in the summer when you were seven?

Encourage one another,

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