Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Feast

What is your favorite fruit?

Who is someone you consider as a great role model?

If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?

Main Course
Name something you do too often.

Fill in the blank: I really like ___________ because ____________.


Hello everyone!
This is my first chance to get on the Internet! Thank you for your prayers everyone! We got all the guitars, luggage and bodies here safely! Our week so far has been jam packed with ministry opportunities! Since the day we arrived we have had different meetings every night, varying from street, youth, children, women and holy spirit meetings. I have had the opportunity to share at every meeting! God has really been stretching me and my faith on this trip! It has been an amazing experience so far. The people's faith here is very strong and they are honored to have us here. It is very humbling. I love the people, they are so kind and always have a smile on their faces for us! We went to the village Chilimalipadu today, a tribal village, where we most likely were the first white people to ever come! We got to try on a traditional tribal dress(the girls!) and Pastor Daniel handed me a goat to hold! A boy even climbed a tree to get us coconuts.
We still have a women's meeting, another holy spirit meeting, main church Sunday morning, a children's meeting and possibly another youth meeting! So please pray for strength, for God to pour His word's and His heart into us in these last few days! Thank you again for your prayers, they are greatly felt and appreciated here in INDIA!
Love to you all!

Emma also sent me a little note.
Here are some of the amusing things she shared with me:

***They feed us so much here its really overwhelming. But by God's grace we are all doing well.

***I've been feeling a little queasy every day but I think its just how you feel when you eat this much food all the time :)

***Tuesday we went to the Bay of Bengal, that was pretty cool...we all got sunburned pretty badly...Alissa, Emily and I went into the water in our punjabis.

***I told Emily if it wasn't for eating nonstop I would stay for a long long time.

***We have to go eat dinner in a half hour...pray for me :)

Oh dear! I would have thought the heat and the poverty would be the main topic :o)
I don't think Emma was prepared for all this overeating!

My poor overstuffed child.


Back home

We took a walk on the 12th day of July....

Oh! Twins,
It was as cool and lovely as it looks.
One of those Wisconsin days when the fresh cool air blows in and makes whitecaps on the lake.
So windy that it makes the cattails and grasses sway like they are at a revival.

Such a beautiful world we live in.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.

Encourage one another,

by the amazing are those dancers on So You Think You Can Dance???

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