Monday, July 23, 2007

Greek Fest!


My creation

We spent a nice afternoon at the Greek Fest yesterday.
Good, loud Greek music.
Nice and tasty Greek food.

Fun times.

The interior of the church was painted by an enthusiastic Icon painter.
It was beautifully crafted and I thought loud and gorgeous.

Jesus' face was at the very top of the dome.
Looking down on us all from heaven.

The pews were lined with what I will call...
a great cloud of witnesses.


There were women among the icons.
This was refreshing for me to see.
You know I am not a big time feminist.
But i really liked seeing Esther and Ruth and Anna(?) standing with the other great people of God.
Cause they were.
And so often they are not mentioned.
At all.

The Greek salad was especially good.
I try to make it taste like that.
And I don't know what I am doing wrong.
But it was so fresh and delicious.

When I was little I thought the Greek food was so strong tasting.

I didn't like the feta or the olives or the lamb.

But now I find the feta mild and the olives perfect.

Our taste buds really do change don't they?

I wonder if I would like the pickled herring my mother and her family ate as a snack.


I really don't think so.


Katie starts her acting 'camp' today!

This is her annual foray into theater.

I'm sure you remember her naughty escapades on the stage two years in a row.

We have talked about it.
And I'm sure will continue to talk about stage etiquette.

Please Lord, let her not be bossy and frustrated.

This year camp is all day!
Big deal for a little home schooled girl to go away all day.
She will be just fine.
I'm sure.

Guess what the play is this year???

The Wizard of Oz!

My favorite.
And Katie's too!

I better go and wake sleeping beauty!


Are you all enjoying the Harry Potter book?

Emma is reading it.
I am not.
I haven't read a one.
(Don't tell anyone, I don't like fantasy fiction)

Happy Monday!

Encourage one another,

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