Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yes, LB, I did figure out how to do a mosaic AND just this morning I figured out how to do a 'storyboard.'

Here's my storyboard.
Now just remember, this is my first try.

My creation
We went to the fair yesterday.
Emma had a taste for a baked potato and for the fried treat you see above.

Guess what it is?


So I googled and googled and found this place;

Big Huge Labs

A little bit later in the day I must say that Tammy and Lisa, both sent me emails suggesting the same site.
So, thank you both for helping!!

Here are two other thing I put together with the help of Flickr and Bighugelabs.
(I had to sign up at both places, but neither charged me anything.)

My creation
This is very easy. All you have to do is pick one picture and click the Andy Warhol button and there you have it.
Being a bit of a photo-control freak, I would have liked to pick the colors and to place them myself.
But perhaps that is possible and I haven't figured it out yet :o)

Not the best.
But this is the idea.

So there you go. It only took four years of blogging to figure this out.

I may be the slowest learner in blogville.
Oh Yeah.


Hooray for new tricks :o)


I think I (we) will be going to the Greek Fest tomorrow afternoon.
We should be there around 2:00. (Sunday at 2:00pm)
If you are in town, want to get together for a little Greek food and bloggy fellowship, come on over to the Greek Fest!

Greek Fest Information

I tell ya, this is a brilliant way to put on a party...
Set the place and let the Greek fest folks do all the work :o)



Okay now,

What is the fried food in the picture above?

And while we're at it.
What is the strangest fried food you have ever eaten?

Encourage one another,

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