Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Homeland Security

"How lovely on the mountains are the feet of her who brings good news, who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation." Isaiah 52:7

And. they're. off.

God speed.
Traveling mercies.
We love you.
and from my clever brother,
Remember now, let's be careful out there.

And I tell ya,
we had a little drama yesterday to get us off to a bit of a rocky start.

On Sunday night Emma returned home from the International House of Prayer where she plays on a worship set every week.
To her surprise, a young woman, from India, came up to her and asked her to do her a favor. Would Emma be willing to take some candy to her parents in India.
The young woman's parents would come to the airport to pick it up.
She also asked Emma to drive across town on Monday to pick up the candy.

Well. When Emma told me of this favor...I thought it was a little strange.
Especially the part where Emma had to drive over to the east side of town to get it.
And then I thought...

Emma will be questioned at the airport, "Did anyone ask you to carry anything for them."

She would have to answer 'yes'.
This did not sit too well with me.

So the next morning, I walk into the room and Emma is writing down an address.
The young woman has called and asked Emma to drive to Sun Prairie (40 min away) to come and pick up the candy.

Emma says. Okay. (She's young...she has a big heart)

Her momma says. Da Nerve!
I also say I don't like this one bit.

Emma is not moved. She said she would do it.
She does not want to back out.
She is young and has a big heart.

I, on the other hand, am old and I have a more cautious (cynical, careful) nature.

I have an errand to run and dash off in the car.
starting to stew...and getting very worked up.

I try to call my hubby. He doesn't answer.

I am not one to wait. When I am in a tizzy I have to 'do it now'.

So I called Lynn.

I tell Lynn that I am worked up and explain the whole candy story to her.

She does not like it one little bit either.
She says the candy will probably be confiscated and that Emma and Jordan may be detained for questioning. (Not good. They could miss a plane or two.)
Lynn also doesn't like Emma meeting with the parents in India.

Okay. Good. We agree this is odd and possibly unsafe.

And Lynn says God will take care of that chocolate.
It can go by mail.

So I call Emma from the parking lot at Kohl's.

I tell her she is not going to take the candy for this young woman.

Emma starts to cry.

I stand firm and offer to call the girl myself.

This makes Emma feel better.

And it is just what I do.
I call and leave her a voicemail.
She calls Emma back in an hour or so asking when Emma will arrive. (She did not listen to my email, I guess)
Emma hands me the phone to explain, again.
She tries to convince me but I say, I am very sorry, but Emma can not take your candy.

After I hang up. She calls again. She wants the phone number of the boy Emma is traveling with. Emma gives it to her. Tries to call Jordan to warn him...but the line is busy.

(Jordan knew about the candy lift, and he was happy to hear we told Emma, no)

So Jordan told the Indian girl, 'no' also.

Potential Terror Plot involving teens and Candy...

I joke.
But we did not know this girl.
She seemed a little desperate to get that candy to India.
I am 99% sure that it was really candy.

But that's what parents are for...
the other 1%.

(And when I told my husband this whole story...
there is no doubt what he would have done.
'No way on earth was she taking anything, anywhere!')


What would you have done?

Encourage one another,

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