Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Birth:it never gets old

My nomination for Best Picture of the Year


I am honored to attend the birth of Peter and Jeaneen's little boy in a few weeks. This is baby number five for them and they are very good at the birthing thing! Jeaneen is actually very good at the whole baby thing! She looks fabulous when she is pregnant and her babies are almost always over ten pounds! Peter is a doting and loving husband and father. They are a great family!

I am the official birth photographer :o) I pray that I can take even ONE beautiful photo for them. I would love to make a powerpoint for them...hey...I wonder if Mr. Fairbanks (from the movie above) makes videos for other people as well as for himself. Sounds like a business in the making.

Thank you Thicket Dweller for finding that very cool baby story :o)


Today I will be thinking about the preciousness of life.
Terri Schiavo is at the mercy of the courts and her husband.
She has not done anything wrong. But her husband wants her dead.
She is inconvenient to him.

Please join in and pray for a miracle today.

More about Terri Schiavo.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


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