Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Five--Meet Up

Joanna sent a great list of Friday Five ideas a few weeks back.
Thank You!

We haven't done one like this is a while--

*Share with us five historical figures you would like to meet and why.


Just like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

Did anyone see that movie?

It's become a favorite around here. Bill and Ted go back in time (in a phone booth) and collect famous figures for their Senior project. Among others they bring home Socrates and Joan of Arc. Socrates they call So Crates and Joan of Arc they call Miss Of Ark.
It's very silly but fun.

Mr. Ryan: Who was Joan of Arc?
Ted: Noah's wife?

Bill: Be excellent to each other.
Ted: Party on, dudes.

Looking forward to some unique and informative comments today!

Be excellent to each other,

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