Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gather the kids around

Einstein the Bird

Thank you Lois for this fun link.


Would you like an excellent mitten pattern?
Look what I found.
Click here.


The Amazing Race was so exciting! Yes, the wrong team won. But they were good racers!

It was especially fun to see our old stomping grounds! Beautiful Chicago!
The Old Watertower and Gino's East!

Very delicious pizza! Yum!

One thing that cracked me up was the fact that teeny, tiny Rebecca could eat like a linebacker.

What a great show!


Have I told you how cool Emma's guitar teacher is? He is a human jukebox!
Last night as Emma and I were driving to guitar lessons at John's home we heard BTO Taking Care of Business on the radio.

ME: Ooooo...listen to that guitar! I'll bet John can play that.
Let's ask John to play it.

Emma:You ask him, mom.

When we get there I peek my head in the music room and say,
"Hey John, can you play taking care of business?"

He picks up his guitar and starts right in...John starts singing...I start singing...the two teens in the room just look on, grinning...

Oh, don't we know how to have fun!

Last week, I had Emma take in Neil Young's The Needle and The Damage Done song. I wanted Emma to learn it because the guitar is very pretty.


BUT the words are not very nice, at all. The song is about heroin. (So I suggested to Emma that we write different lyrics) As usual John knew the song and he and Emma were playing it by the end of the lesson.
She is a quick study.
He is a musical savant.

When John and Emma come out of the music room to find Brooke and I knitting...that was all the inspiration John needed.

Needles....Knitting needles...

A knitting song is now in the works. Sung to a lovely Neil Young melody.

Do you think Neil would approve?


Ash Wednesday Blessings.

Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me:for my soul trusteth in Thee.

Encourage one another,

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