Monday, September 19, 2016

Emmy Red Carpet 2016

Last night was the 2016 Emmy awards.  The stars really looked beautiful!  So many lovely dresses...
Such variety.  
Jimmy Kimmel was the host and he was pretty funny with a cute opening.  I watched the red carpet and then ran from room to room in my house because the Packers were playing at the same time!

So here we go with my favorite dresses of the night!

Constance Zimmer in a beautiful, feminine Monique Lhuiller dress.
I would prefer just about any hairdo to this one.  But she sure picked out a pretty dress.

Felicity Huffman looked so fantastic last night.  She really was perfection.  It was made by Tony Ward, who I have never heard of before...but I will be watching for him in the future.

Isn't this lovely?  I love it.  
Julia Louis-Dreyfus always looks fantastic.
Her dress is by one of my favorite designers, Carolina Herrera.
Always elegant and feminine.

I loved the back of Julie Bowen's dress.

Kathryn Hahn in a pretty Wai Ming gown.  You know I love that lace on the bodice.  The velvet was a trend...but I felt it didn't quite work in September in the heat.  Still....I love this look.

Kerry Washington in a very unique "maternity" dress.
She looks wonderful.  Love her hair too.

 Perfect. Perfect. oh my. Perfect.
Kristen Bell in her amazing Zuhair Murad dress.

Silver and gold were suppose to be a trend...
Well, Padma Lakshmi from top chef showed all the other stars exactly how to wear silver. 
Dress by Naeem Khan. 
Her hair was darling too...  high pony.

Lovely Priyanka Chopkra wore a beautiful Jason Wu dress.
She was glowing and flowing and seemed very happy in her stunning dress.

Pretty, delicate, gathering made this dress worn by Sophie Turner a fave.

A simple thing like the details in the bodice can be all it takes for me to love a dress.  I am not a fan of big color I guess. (other than red :o)  But gosh, Tina Fey looks so pretty in this.  Her earrings and makeup and hair are flawless.

Allison Janney looks amazing.  I love that top.  LOVE it.

This young girl work the gold trend perfectly!

But the biggest winner was Kristen Bell.
In my opinion, this dress goes in the Fashion Hall of Fame.

Did you watch the red carpet?
What did you love?

Reporting from Wisconsin,
Your faithful fashion reporter,
Miz Booshay

Sunday, September 18, 2016

German Potato Salad

An email from my sister Sue.

I was wondering on the blog about our mom's German Potato salad.  
Here is the email Sue sent.

It is as precious as the recipe.

I bought red potatoes last week to make this recipe.  I was too tired last week to make it...but I got around to it today.  My least favorite cooking job is cooking potatoes.
 (This salad will be for my school lunches.)  

Our mom was 17 when she married our dad.  She learned to cook as a young married girl with lots of children underfoot.  She learned from the women in her life.  I think she was a wonderful cook.

I need to ask Suzy what 'a lot' of potatoes is.  I also wonderful about the making more dressing part.

And so it goes.

Mine turned out pretty well.  I could use more wetness....hehe

I miss Sue.
I miss Mom.

Make this can thank Suzy and Esther Jean.

Donna Elsie

p.s.  My spellcheck says learned is not a word.
That is news to me.  Katie says it's learnt.
Can't be.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Glasses

Katie has been having trouble seeing the board at school....

And so...

She's so happy with her glasses.
She picked five pair to try on from Warby Parker.
These were her favorites.
She can't wait to wear them to school.


Monday, September 12, 2016


I have not worked a full time job, outside the home, since 1981.
I mentioned in the comments but realize that I didn't mention it on the front page of the blog that I am working full time at a local elementary school as a special ed assistant.

The job was meant to be just three weeks but has changed into a long term sub job.
The first week was killer.
It was in the 90's and the school does not have air.
I do not do well without air.
I walked three miles each day...says my fitbit.
We start at 7:15.

These three physical things are what made it so hard for me.

I am sure I will gain endurance.

The children are great. 
The teachers and staff are great.

It will be wonderful to get a paycheck.
Today was late start.  I didn't know it.
I was there on time...even woke up at 5:00.
But next week, I will know. 
It will be a good time to post a blog entry!

Even tho I am old and out of shape...I guess I am not alone :o)

Encourage one another,
Ms. Booshay

(I found this darling picture on facebook.  don't know who made it.)

Thursday, September 08, 2016

My three grandsons.

It has become a tradition to head to Omaha Nebraska over Labor Day weekend because it is Asher's birthday weekend.  As you know we all just love getting the chance to be together.  It's tiring and quick and wonderful!!!

The party was a tailgating party!  We met with family and friends at a Stormchaser's game.
It was hot and windy.
Then we went in the stadium to watch a little baseball and Matthew and Melinda and Emma chased the children around on the berm.

Asher was brave and got his face painted.


Five minutes before we left I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of the boys.
So I grabbed Zeekie and plopped him on the kitchen table.  Melinda and Emma brought the boys up, took their shirts off and we gave it a go.  At first I was not getting any smiles and Zeekie was not having it....but Emma went behind me and grabbed a broom and started waving it around and pretending to hit me.  You can see their expressions as they watch the shenanigans going on behind me!!!

Asher has become chatty and is now in kindergarten.
Malachi started pre school today.  He is the life of the party.
Zeekie is independent but afraid of us.  He talks now...but not in front of us.

Aren't they just the dearest?

Six, Three and almost two.

Loads of fun and love.
Matthew and Melinda are doing a wonderful job raising their happy boys!

Encourage one another,