Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good morning!

Yesterday morning I was feeling puny. (Sue and Cindy use this term. I use the term nauseous.)
Just a little tho. Like morning sickness. ha.

At 11:15 I set out for Boscobel Wi to visit Ginny Potter (our puppy).

I was running behind the whole day so I wasn't able to stop for food.
I wanted to visit our little one and bring her something with our scent on it.
It's a far drive but a lovely country drive.



I think the 'breeder', Michelle is smitten with Ginny. She says Ginny is always first to do new things. First to climb out of the pen, first to recognize her, first to eat. Three of the puppies have personalities emerging...Ginny is one of them.
Michelle says Ginny is very calm and affectionate.

I could not be happier to hear all of this.


big smiles.

When I left Boscobel, I started feeling really weird. I was very sleepy and agitated on the way back to Madison.
I had to pick Katie and her cousin up at school and then I needed to make a stop at the grocery store.
By the time I go home at four I was really feeling tired and had the chills.
I made myself some chicken and stars soup, thinking I was hungry and dehydrated from not much all day.
And then Kabaaam.

It hit.

I had to lie down.
I was hot and achy.

When Patrick came home from work, I went to bed.
I was chilled and couldn't get warm.

After an hour and a half, I came downstairs because I couldn't sleep and was not quite so feverish.
I took two ibuprofen thinking it would help with the aches.

I drank and drank and drank water.

By the time I went to bed my feet were less chilled and the fever was gone.
I thought it might be the ibuprofen and that in the night the fever would come back...
but it did not.

You may not believe it but I really didn't even know this was the flu until I googled fever.
Once I saw the list, I realized that this was influenza. (I always thought throwing up was the main ingredient but it is not even on the 'short' list.)

I'm just a bit puny this morning and will take it slow and try not to infect others.
I sure hope I did not get Michelle sick.
I really didn't know I was sick but I think I was highly contagious at the time of our visit.


Here is a cute picture of the girls with Asher.
I love the expression on Asher's face.





1985 and 1999



And now I need to go and catch up on some emails and rest a little.

I am very thankful my flu was so short lived. I didn't like it at all.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melinda asked me to take a Christmas card family picture last weekend.
Of course it was cloudy and rainy all weekend.
Sunday morning we dashed over to a little spot I know of that had a few outbuildings on the property.
This is some one's private land.
This does not set well with Matthew.
He is a rule follower.
I like that about him.

Fortunately for Matthew, there was a for sale sign at the entrance to the property.
We could pretend we were buyers.
When he pulled in he was leery of doing the shoot there. I told him to turn the car around and
face it out the driveway for a quick getaway.


Here is a terribly overexposed shot of Matthew watching for the cops, or the landowners....
or a squirrel.

Katie came along to hold things for us.
She loved that! (sarcasm)

I brought a blanket because I am the queen of styling. (again more sarcasm)

I snapped 250 pictures in about ten minutes.
And because I was snapping so quickly and because my camera has been acting strange,
I had at least 80 overexposed pictures. (I think it's time to send the camera in for a tune up.)

DSC_4263-5 copy3

Matthew has blossomed as a daddy.





I have just started editing the images Melinda chose.
It's fun and challenging.


Melinda and I laughed and laughed at this shot.
Laughing at yourself is healthy, don't you think?

Out takes.
Graham cracker cake.

Love ya!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Seems as I look over the weekend images...Katie had the weekend off.


Gorgeous Melinda and adorable Asher in my fabulous garage light. :o)



Is it any wonder where Asher got those big eyes?

Emma and I ran off on a cloudy afternoon for a quick shoot.
The whole weekend was cloudy.
It pushes me technically and creatively.






a few weekend tidbits...

much turkey, stuffing and gravy was consumed
katie and emma made peanut butter butterscotch rice krispie treats
asher waves byebye and pats your back when he hugs you
he also likes to knock noggins
melinda and emma know Steel Magnolias better than I do
katie is getting so tall
matthew loves shoes...still
patrick and i celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary on saturday
the packers are 11-0
cindy and pat stopped by with susie's knitting and quilting things
i am wearing a scarf she made right now

it's awful quiet round here now
but the cat is purring like crazy
she is going to hate the dog

what happens matters


Saturday, November 26, 2011





Chanel who?

International Harvester, Farmall, John Deere, Carhartt.....




Being seen can mean more than one thing.


Black Friday Ninja



fun. times. good. times.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Besides eating and cooking...
we always try to get outside to toss the ball at half time,
and we/lately just the children, go bowling.

Since it is a Glyman family tradition, I wanted to go along this year.

Lots of people go bowling on Thanksgiving.



This is Matthew's snowsuit.
Asher was still in his onsie when I grabbed the snowsuit and threw it on him along with his shoes.
Half time is short, you know.


Madison Gothic


Leaving the bowling alley...
it was a dark and pretty night.

Asher's very favorite song.
He will honestly sit thru this song four times. (And actually I haven't tried more than that....)

Enjoy those leftovers!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh, Heavenly Father, We thank Thee for food and remember the hungry.
We thank Thee for health and remember the sick.
We thank Thee for freedom and remember the enslaved.
May these remembrances stir us to service, That Thy gifts to us may be used for others.

Pauline Phillips' (Dear Abby)
HT to Jep


Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours :o)

Donna and family
This morning it was misty.


This morning it was sunny.


It just all depended on perspective.
A slight turn.

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
~Abraham Lincoln

And I just know, it starts with a grateful heart.
Counting your blessing, you know?

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
~Thornton Wilder

May you all enjoy a superb day of thanks giving!

Even if you are in Switzerland or Canada or can still gather together
to say thank you to those your love and care about. (Have a toast over Skype!)

I know it is hard to be away from loved ones at holiday times. It seems to be my fate.
But God has given me more ones to love this way.
I will not look at what I don't have.
I will say a big thank you for what I do.

And I think we will all go bowling after dinner.

Thank you!
Love you.
Mean it!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I just got home from the Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Part One.
I went to the Target Starbucks to get my little chai and decided to shop.
Those turkey's take days to thaw.

I will be bringing desserts, rolls and mashed potatoes to the big Boucher gathering. My sister in law is always so gracious to host ALL of us at her house.

This year I will bring two homemade pumpkin pies, a chocolate pie and Grandma Glyman's graham cracker cake.
(must remember whipped cream)

(I will make the whole meal at home before we go and we will use it as left overs for the following days.)

Matthew, Melinda and Asher are coming for Thanksgiving this year! We can't wait.
Emma is coming home too. We can't wait.
One day, Patrick Jr. will be able to make it for one of the holidays...I am sure of it. We can't wait.

I bought my husband a mass quantity of Bounty Paper towels today. This will make him super happy.
He loves his paper towels.

I also bought those circle/pretzels so I can make the faux turtles with the girls one afternoon.

That's from when I made them in 2006.
I had a hard time finding pecans. Are they rare this year?
Need to look at a second store.

Thanksgiving shopping. Part Two.


My friend, Linda, has a very talented family. This year Matt and Jesika made a cd for the family.

A Gusto's Christmas by Matt Guastamacchio

I think you will like it.
Jesika and Matt are always doing something creative.
They inspire me.


Off to watch Kelly and Jerry Seinfeld.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

What happens matters.
Love always,

Monday, November 21, 2011


On Friday it was sunny and windy. Two of my favorite things. I thought it would be fun to go by the beach, by the zoo.
A hideous orange plastic fence ran along the whole shoreline.

Seeing as all the trees have lost their leaves I was left without any open shade.
It wasn't my favorite photoshoot....but I like the picture above.


I'm not a great fan of the orange tint. I was surprised to see it.
That's why I went with black and white.
Maybe it's not so horrible.


Here I am making the shade. This is one instance when being shaped like Jabba the Hut is a good thing.


I bought two new ringtones this morning while I was waiting for Target to open.

The first one I bought is "If you want to sing out, sing out." This is so happy.
The second one I bought is "Ginny". From the Harry Potter soundtrack. I have only heard this song once. I think Mark Ballas dance to this song on DWTS last season. Anyway. I liked it.

What Ringtone do you have on your phone?
Do you have special ringtones for different people?
I don't, but I think that would be fun!!

Encourage one another,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

This week on Pinterest....

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I was inspired by this image.
Must find or make this skirt for my models.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I added this picture to my Fan Club board.

I spotted this picture on Apartment Therapy and pinned it to my 'for the home' board.
It was especially cool that this kitchen is in a home in tiny, far away, Viroqua Wisconsin.

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Oh MY!!!

We have a name for our doggie!!!
Katie came up with it yesterday and it immediately made both of us smile and squeal with glee.

It is not a name that anyone thought of....
except Katie...

and when you hear it. You will see it is a pretty good fit.

We will try it out on our little girl and see if it works....

So as of today....the puppy will be named....


Ginny is a character from Harry Potter. I like the Christmassey connection....'Yes, Virgina, there is a Santa Claus".....Santa Paws.....
Even tho Ginny Weasley is not a Virginia, I still like it very much and it works for me anyway.

Isn't that funny?

Happy Weekend!!

Encourage one another,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Regis means so much to me.

In 1989, one month after Emma was born, I had a ruptured appendix.
I was very very sick. It was the loneliest, darkest week of my life.
In fact, I was depressed for the first time in my life and it took months to come out of it.
I felt God had abandoned me and I was devastated.

But alone in that hospital room, I found the Regis and Kathie Lee show.

They kept me company and made me laugh.
It felt really bad to laugh with my side cut wide open,
but it felt good for my spirit.

A cheerful heart is good medicine.

It was indeed true for me.
I watched Regis every day after that.
He was my constant.
My daily giggle.
He was my every day visit with a funny friend.

I know he is just a man (That's part of why I love him, he is so very flawed and self deprcating.)

And unbeknownst to him, he helped me in a very real and unusual way.

I have heard that many people have told him this, so I'm sure he knows the kind of impact he has had on people's lives and tho it seems insignificant, making someone laugh is a great gift.

'with all my heart, I wish him happy.'

I love him like crazy.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

I tried a new recipe and it turned out just fine.


7up Biscuits

2 cups Bisquick
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup 7-up
1/4 cup melted butter

Preheat oven to 450.
Cut sour cream into biscuit mix, add 7-Up. Makes a very soft dough.
Sprinkle additional biscuit mix on board or table and pat dough out. Melt 1/4 cup butter in a 9 inch square pan. Place cut biscuits in pan and bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.

As you can see, this is very easy.
My biscuits were tiny, which is fine when you are counting calories and the batch is small, nine perhaps.

I would make them again.
I need a dinner roll recipe that is this simple!


Sir Peter Scott_geese
by Sir Peter Scott


By Rachel Field

Something told the wild geese
It was time to go,
Though the fields lay golden
Something whispered, "snow."

Leaves were green and stirring,
Berries, luster-glossed,
But beneath warm feathers
Something cautioned, "frost."

All the sagging orchards
Steamed with amber spice,
But each wild breast stiffened
At remembered ice.

Something told the wild geese
It was time to fly,
Summer sun was on their wings,
Winter in their cry.

I love the sound of that poem and the feelings it evokes.

It's chilly today and I just heard a flock of geese fly overhead. Those honks always remind me of our mom.

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Do you like this effect?
It is called tilt shift.
It's my favorite.


Emma wasn't able to even stay for dinner yesterday.
zip in and zip out.
We had a nice day bumming around, we picked up Katie from school and took Emma to the bus.

I think not having a car is a great thing. (especially for a person living the non-profit, missional life)
But it can be very inconvenient.

Patrick didn't even see Emma this time.

I can not imagine that. I would hate that.

I love these precious girls.

Happy Hump day!

Love ya lots,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A tail and a tale.

First of all, what a total blast I had reading the comments yesterday and this morning.
What wonderful stories, suggestions, ideas and names, names, names.

Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Katie and I will be going over the comments with a fine tooth comb tonight!!!


And now for my tale,
my tale of woe.

Yesterday Emma boarded a bus in Chicago bound for Madison.
I got Katie to school, edited pictures and showered.

At 3:45 Emma's bus arrived at the bus stop.
At 3:45 Patrick picked Katie up from school
I was picking up dinner and drinks and met Emma at 3:50.

Emma was wearing her Packer's jersey.
I my Packer fleece.

We drove and talked and ate salads.

At 6:10 we found our parking spot on the street right across from the water tower.
Emma loaded up with a hat and mittens and a scarf.
I grabbed my wallet, phone and keys.

With the first step toward Lambeau it came to me.

I had forgotten the tickets.

We stood next to the car in shock and dismay.

I was stunned. I felt terrible.
Emma had traveled so far for THIS!!
I had no hope.

I wanted to get right back in the car and head home. We could listen to the game on the radio.

Emma said we could look for tickets near the gates or we could go and watch the game at a local bar.
She was tired of being in a moving vehicle.

I called Patrick. "I forgot the tickets."
He said he would check the website and see if they mentioned what to do if you were a forgotten your

You see. I have gone to probably 35 Packer games.
I am the ticket rememberer.

I had never even heard of someone forgetting their tickets.

What do you do?

So Patrick checked around and called Emma's cell. (Because my piece of poop, ATT serviced phone, NEVER EVER EVER gets a signal.)

Go to the Main Entrance, the one with the statue with Vince Lombardi, there is a ticket window there.
Go to 'Ticket Problems" aka "Welcome Morons".

Give them your drivers license. Tell them all of your information. Look really sad.

No. He didn't say that. That came naturally.

We waked all around the stadium to find the gate.
It was a long and worrisome walk.

I stepped up to the window. A nice lady took my id. Asked for names and addresses. She looked on her handy dandy computer. She handed me a form to sign.

She made us new tickets.

No sweat.

I told her I would like to give her a kiss.

She said. Enjoy the game.


We were in.
Still in a daze.
But very very happy!


The Packers won, 45 to 7.
We are 9-0
It's good to be a Packer fan.


The End

The blessed, wonderful, victorious end.

Donna Boucher