Monday, September 30, 2019

The richest kind.

I wrote this in 2009.

Why are these people so happy?

My family!

Because they are together. That's why.
They are together and they adore each other.


We are sisters.


And brothers and sisters...


and twins....


and guardians.... our young, noble, guardian angels....

It has been 36 (now 46) years since our parents died and we have held on to one another's hearts gently and with joy.


Somehow they passed on their amazing love of life and their love of family to each of us.
It was important to them.
We were important to them.

We live with joy and thanksgiving and love for one another because
it is what they would have wanted for their seven beautiful children....

And so we honor them by living joyfully and loving one another the best we can.

It was a great wish they had for their children.
It was the very best sort of wish.

How I miss them.

(How we all miss them....and we desperately miss Suzy, now, too.)

Remembering God's promise of heaven.  As Janet's friend, who has been there, says, It's real!"

Friday, September 27, 2019

With my vast store of wisdom.....

From  Gateway to Joy by Elisabeth Elliot.
It is attributed to a seventeenth-century nun.

Lord, You know better than I know myself that I am getting older and will someday be old. Keep me from... the fatal habit of thinking I must say something in every subject and on every occasion. Release me from craving to straighten out everybody's affairs. Make me thoughtful but not moody, helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom it seems a pity not to use it all, but You know, Lord, that I want a few friends at the end. Keep my mind from the recital of endless details-give me wings to come to the point. Seal my lips on my aches and pains. They are increasing, and my love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter. I dare not ask for grace enough to enjoy the tales of others' pains, but help me to endure the with patience. I dare not ask for improved memory, but for a growing humility and a lessening cocksureness when my memory seems to clash with the memories of others. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I will be mistaken. Keep me reasonably sweet. I do not want to be a saint-some of them are so hard to live with-but a sour old woman is one of the crowning works of the devil. Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places, and talents in unexpected people. And give me the grace to tell them so.

Practical wisdom.
Reading this again as I grow closer to the nun's age.

Encourage one another,

Thursday, September 26, 2019

This is Sarah Levy

This is Sarah Levy.  She is Eugene's daughter and Dan's sister.
Dan Levy is the creator and stand out character on Schitt's Creek.  He is wonderfully talented and along with his father, Eugene Levy, does most of the press for Schitt's Creek.
Sarah IS on the show.  She does not play his sister on the show. Sarah plays a simple waitress.
She is a very good actress but she plays a quiet character.  She doesn't really stand out in a crowd.
And so, at the Emmy's she was overlooked by all the fashionistas and television cameras.

I just wanted to introduce you to her because she obviously has fabulous style! And this is my favorite dress of the night.  (Now that I finally see it!)

The designer is Tadashi Shoji and it is perfect!

And in case you can not place the name Eugene Levy.
Well...he is a long time fave around here due to being in 
Best in Show.

Such a talented fun family!

Dan is dashing in his brown tux.

So now you know, 
the rest of the story :o)

I think I will go see Downton Abby this afternoon.
Janet saw it yesterday and LOVED it!


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Archie meets the Archbishop and gets a sweet kiss!

This picture is the most beautiful!
I can only imagine how much it means to Harry and Meghan!

Hello Archie!

Happiness galore!
(Archie is four months.)

I took a close up look at the pretty little cakes.

They say;

Freedom, Joy, Hope, Faith and Love.

Harry was given a photo of his mother and Nelson Mandela.
(one for William also)

It is lovely that people always remember Diana and reminisce with the boys about their Mummy.
I know how wonderful this is when you lose a parent(s) when you are young.  Any new picture or new story is a cherished treasure.

Add to the beauty.
What happens matters.
Love you.
Mean it.

Those would be on my pretty little cakes, too.

Encourage one another,

Monday, September 23, 2019

Miz Booshay: Imaginary Stylist to the stars.

The Emmy Awards were on last night and I was right there taking notes and searching for pictures.
I have to say my new laptop made this years red carpet easier than ever! 
The announcers did not make it easier because they were trying not to be superficial and didn't ask, 'Who are you wearing?'

There were plenty of ball gowns, but I was not in the mood for over the top glamour this year.
Here is what I loved last night.

I like this lavender dress because it is fancy but not too grand.  It's feminine and sweet.

If you asked me ten years ago what I thought of odd colored hair, I would have said, no way!
But one look at Kelly Osbourne in this very dark purple hair and my opinion instantly changed.
I think this looks so pretty on her.  The prettiest she's ever looked.

Padma wearing a gorgeous icy blue gown.  Love.

I liked this unusual black and white gown.

Shout out to my favorite television family.
The Schitts, from Schitt's Creek.

I love the bold magenta and the unstructured black bows!

It was 95ยบ last night. Amy Sedaris had it right.
I like what she is wearing.  It's fun and cute.  Petula Clark, is that you?

Christina Applegate wearing Vera Wang.  
It's pretty perfect.

I think is dress is just lovely.  I love the design and the color and the silver accents.
It's my favorite.

Stunning PINK column dress!  Love it.

This may be my second favorite dress of the night.  I love the color and the design and  relaxed feel that the ruffle on the bottom gives the dress.  It's the casual look I was hoping to see for these awards.

What do you think?

I have one thing to say about the Emmy voters.
They are dark.  They do not go for the feel good all.
It's gotta be dirty or violent or bizarre to win.

ah well....

I don't get my hopes up for my faves to win.  And actually one of my faves is violent and bizarre, now that I think of it.
Why do I love Killing Eve?
I think I love it because I am surprised by it.  The characters are different and the stories are crazy.
It keeps my interest.  

But anyway....
Pretty dresses 
fluffy fluff fluff

Encourage one another,

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Imaginary Stylist

I think off shoulder will be big.

I predict that the Emmy's will be more casual this evening.  Last winter the Oscars were all sparkly.
But the Emmys are television...and I just am not feeling ball gowns this year.

I looked at my Pinterest boards and I searched Oscar de la Renta and Elle Saab and I came up with these pretty dresses.

Let's see if I am right!

Imaginary Stylist to the stars.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cause it's National Dance Day...

That hold.
That leg kick.
Oh they are so cool together.

This is from the movie Daddy Long Legs.  I think this may be my most frequently posted video on the blog.  I think I fell in love with dance when I saw it ...late at night on WGN.
In the 1970's if you caught a movie on television you would look up in the TV GUIDE to see what it was called....and the only way you would ever see it again is if you kept watch in that TV GUIDE for a rerun.  I would never imagine that I could type into a device on my lap and have the dance at my fingertips, instantly.  And then be able to share it with my friends.

It's a crazy wonderful world.

I love this song and this very cute couple dance from So You Think You Can Dance ....
nine years ago!

The Emmy's are on tomorrow~
See you on Monday for the Red Carpet favorites!

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Have I become a wimp?

Hey friends.

I worked at school three days in a row this week.  It was the loveliest school with kind, hardworking, talented teachers!  The kiddos were enthusiastic and well behaved!  I was with fourth graders most of the time, in a classroom with two teachers.  They were great!  The male teacher read out loud from Bud, Not Buddy.  I was delighted to be in on a read aloud :o)..and think I need to get the book to see how it ends.

So many children's books are so sad.  Children in such dire situations.  I mean, I will never forget how tragic Island of the Blue Dolphins was and how about my favorite, Where the Red Fern Grows.

Around here we will never forget

I bet most of you have not heard of The Millers.
They are storybooks written by the Amish.
They are heavy on 'the moral to the story'.

A child drowns in one teach, 'don't cry wolf.'
and a little boy falls in the poo pit and dies.

Patrick and Matthew started calling the series,

Death and the Millers!!

Last year I was in a classroom where a Holocaust book was being read.
The children listening were in 7th grade and had special needs.  I was actually uncomfortable with the subject matter and I don't know why I was feeling so sensitive about it for this age group.
I was thinking, this is too horrid to read to tender children.  The first time I felt this was was when Katie read the dystopian story The Giver.  She told me about the book she was reading and I was shocked. She was not reading it with a group and I felt it was way too creepy to read without some kind of discussion.  So I read it so we could talk about it. 

I don't know if books for children have changed.
We read classics; Little Women has a very sad storyline, but there is joy and hope there too.
Tom Sawyer sees some grown up things but I mostly remember adventure and humor.
(But I was terrified when he was in the cave (the movie version.)

What do you think?
Have I just become more sensitive as I get older?

Can the kiddos handle the serious topics in third grade and fourth grade?

I felt so badly for poor Bud....Not Buddy.  (I thought of poor Jane Eyre.  hummmm)

Is it important for children to read about over comers?

I'd love to hear your opinions.

Encourage one another,

Sunday, September 15, 2019

stupid comments

Hi friends!
In the previous post I have a lovely comment from Anita.
I have tried to comment on my own blog for an hour to no avail.

I followed the instructions and tested it.
I've sent feedback to Blogger.

I have only been at this for FIFTEEN years.


Maybe tomorrow it will work.
After all tomorrow is another day.

I love hearing from you.


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Stay safe. Eat cake.

Happy Saturday!

How's everyone!? 

The empty-nest life is okay!  
Katie seems happy and is adjusting well to college. 
Classes are good and hard :o)
She is making friends.

What more can you ask for?

I have been slowly getting back to my little job as Special Ed assistant.
I worked one day last week and have three scheduled for next week.
It is always interesting work.  And have I told you how much I love music class?
I missed my calling.  I love taking the children to music class best of all.

Not taking a full time/part time job with the schools was very intentional.
I need to be free to visit the kids when they need me.  Especially Emma this fall.
Baby Franklin is due in November and Emma has asked me to come down!  Melinda will most likely be there too!  
Emma is doing very well and she and James can't wait to meet their little girl.
(month seven!  how fast it goes when it is not you :o)

I plan on going to see the Downton Abbey movie next weekend! I can't wait!
I think just hearing the music will make me cry!

Fat shaming has not gone away.  It's as bad as ever.
Thanks for speaking up James.  
You are more than your weight.  It is not a moral issue.
Oh, so much more.

Ginny says
Happy September
(She had a wonky eye when she was little.  I don't notice it so much now.
She is seven now and considered....geriatric. 
That's goofy.

Love and hugs.
Encourage one another,


Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Just right.

This summer has been a summer of doctor appointments for me.
What started out as an innocent query about my painful knees, led me on a wild goose chase of mammograms and skin cancer surgery.

You know you walk in the door and they look at what tests you have not had in a while.
And they start scheduling tests.

One mammogram lead to two.
I was scared about the second as they saw something.
But, it was nothing.  Afterall.

Thankful. Me.

The mole on my nostril was very small, but it was bleeding.
It did not look like something you see in a book.
But the bleeding alarmed me and I was right.
It was a little basal cell.

The fact that it was on my nostril made me worried.
I was not worried about the cancer because it was nothing.
But I have had surgery on my face before and it was hellish for me.

The other thing I worried about was that my nostril would be cut and deformed.

So I got a medication from my GP to help me relax as I had my MOHS surgery.
The only time in my life I have had any medication was during childbirth.  I think I had Demerol with Emma.  And it made me sleepy.  (they did not do epidurals in Marinette Wi in 1989)

Because I would be taking drugs, Patrick drove me and stayed with me.

I took one pill before we left and was advised to take the second when I arrived at the clinic.

So I did.

For this surgery, they take off one layer, look at it under a microscope and then if they have all the cancer, you are done, but if they still see some you go back in for a second, third, fourth cutting until the borders are clear.  Or some other term I can't remember.

So I went in for my surgery.  I remember it being very bright.
They covered my eyes with a bandana shaped cloth.
I think I remember the shot. Which hurts like heck in your nostril.

But other than that, I was done quickly.
They but a huge bandage on my nose and sent me out to the lobby.

The lobby was very large.  There were three big sections.  TV's, couches, a puzzle table, lounge chairs, and lots of people.

After saying hello to Patrick, I made a bee line for a couch to lie down!
I took out my little folded nylon grocery bags and tried to use them for a pillow.
I fell asleep.

Right there in front of all the people.

(I never fall asleep.  Barely can sleep anywhere but my own bed.  But, I was a little Goldilocks at the clinic that day!)

I woke up and wobbled over to the woman at the front desk and asked for a blanket.  Which I then toted around the lobby like Linus.

Patrick asked if I'd like a drink from Starbucks and I said sure...
I found a reclining chair and feel asleep again.

A little while later, Patrick returned with my drink and suggested I try a chair over in a corner.
Which I thought was super.  It was just right.

Back to sleep I went.

Noon came and my cells had been examined.
I went back to the surgical room and was told that they had gotten everything in the first go.


I could go home and not have to have more cutting done.
They showed me the wound and I think I was seeing double and thought I had a hole in my nose.
I cried and the young assistant ran to get the doctor who showed me slides of how these wounds heel.
I remember how she rubbed my arm.

When I finally saw my wound without any medication in my system.
It was not bad at all and there was no hole in my nose.

As I look back on my experience I just have to giggle at myself.
Oblivious to all the others at the clinic that day.

Goldilocks looking for the perfect place to sleep the day away.

Yesterday I had my final derm appointment.
The rest of my skin looks fine.
My wound is just a red mark now.

When I told Emma this story she thought I had taken too much.
But you know me, just following directions.

And what a funny story I got out of it.

It was just right,

Monday, September 02, 2019

Well loved one.

Patrick and I drove Katie to college.  We navigated well until the last few miles.
Our detour took us over and under a covered bridge so that was cool.
Bennington is in the South West corner of Vermont.  
We can tell that it will be spectacular in the fall. 

Bennington is an artsy, progressive school.  I don't know if that is how they would define themselves but that's how I define it.  

The campus is so beautiful.  The dorms are white colonials and modern buildings.
There is a mix but it's very nice.  Everything is quite appealing.  I love the colonial look.  The above building has just gone through a gorgeous interior renovation.
Bottom floor has the cafe, lounge area, book store and mail.
Middle floor has the most spectacular cafeteria I have ever been in!
The drinks at the 'fountain' are all natural sodas. 
For lunch they had stir fry beef and broccoli, pizza with shrimp (they have a pizza oven), 
they had very yummy coconut ice cream too.  They flavors were odd.  But I love coconut anything.

Two of the smaller side rooms to eat in.

While we were eating, Katie's room mate happened to be sitting nearby and introduced herself.
She is a very sweet girl from Nepal!

This is winter of course.
The view from the big red building. 
Katie's dorm is the last one.
Her bedroom window faces the mountains.

Loved this cute little building.  It's the first building you see.
And you see such towering trees and the mountains all around.

 There are no sports at Bennington.  The book store selections are sparse.  It's very different from UW. So very different.  Seems the only thing that says Bennington College is the FONT.
I'm not kidding.

Katie is entering school with an interest in International Studies and French, and Art History.
The freshmen are placed in a group called Freshman Forum.  They will meet every week.  Katie has already found a few people she likes in her group...and her room mate and house mates are getting to know one another quickly with tons of meetings and get togethers.

She is going to do great.  I just know it.
She is such a hard worker....just like her Dad.
She does not give up.  She is curious and loves learning.   She is paying for her schooling all on her own.  She will be working on campus.
I'm so glad she has such a beautiful place to work and learn and become the best Katie she can be.

I did not cry when we said goodbye.

But I cried when she sent me this text on the drive home.

May your soul be at home
where there are no houses.
Walk carefully, well loved one,
walk mindfully, well loved one,
walk fearlessly, well loved one.
Return with us, return to us,
be always coming home.

~Ursula Le Guin

I learned of this poem when I said goodbye to Katie's big brother when he went to college.
Katie was an infant then.

I will always be saying it.
over and over again....

be always coming home,
well loved ones