Sunday, November 11, 2018

How it's done.

So much good in this apology.
Grace, humor, respect.

May it last longer than four minutes.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Four kisses when you wake....

Four candles on your cake....

Today is Zeek's birthday.  I watched the boys while Melinda was at the hospital.  That was the fall Emma was diagnosed with epilepsy.  I was thankful to be with Emma most of October, be there for Matthew and Melinda and then scoot back to Chicago....
It was one of those times in life....
when the delight of new birth and joy was mixed right in with fear and illness.
It happens this way a lot doesn't it?

Love you one and all as you navigate your lovely,  
bewildering, frightening, beautiful, life.

Hope is right around the corner.


A helmet helps.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

It was all yellow.

This year the leaves turned brown and dropped off the trees.
Isn't that weird?  I can only guess it is because of all the rain.

So there was not big flash of color in our yard.
The pine trees are dying too, a fugus, I have heard.

But the colors, they are here and there.  Bright reds and earnest oranges.
And I notice them as if I am playing a game of  hide and seek.

I won't compare and be sad.
I will be thankful....
and remember....

Encourage one another,

Saturday, October 13, 2018

A Cat Hat.

two thousand thirteen

Sometimes all it takes is a cat hat.

I get lost in my old photos.
I love them.


Monday, October 08, 2018

All of us.

We went to Omaha because Patrick and Shelby were coming to town with Dottie.
It was wonderful that all of the Bouchers could be together....
and that we could all be there to see Dottie baptized!


The proud, loving parents.

Lorelei running in circles with the boys.  She is quite shy but it is clear she adores her cousins.

Dottie's hair is not this red.  The camera and the restaurant light made her hair much redder.
She is a happy girl and so very loved.

“Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ”  ~Elizabeth Stone

Hugs and kisses

I remembered my camera :o)

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Happy October!

Hi!  I wanted to share some fun pictures from last weekend's wedding!

My niece Hillary was married to her long time love Michael over the weekend in Indiana.
Patrick, Katie and I drove down and picked up Uncle Paulie at the airport.
Emma and James drove in from Missouri.

It was a beautiful wedding with glorious music, a beautiful couple, and loads of family and friends.
I have tried for an hour to upload a few videos and they have not worked.  

Just imagine my niece Ellie and her husband singing The Prayer.
It was beautiful, emotional and powerful.

I liked Ellie and Stevens just as well....

The video was really cute.  With both Hillary and Michael!
But here is the bride as she passed by :o)

The newlyweds :o)


Off on another adventure this weekend!

I'll fill you in on the flip side!

Love Wins,

Monday, September 24, 2018

In which my husband and I handle things differently.

At the end of last year, at school, I left my sunglasses in a black bag (that each of us use at school).
I was pretty sure I left them behind.  I was not concerned enough about them to go looking during the summer.   When I arrived this morning to SUB at my old school I looked for the bag but it was being used.  Which it should be, by one of the new assistants.

When I was outside, I visited with the other assistants.  
And it didn't happen instantly...but it kind of dawned on me when I spotted the 'Ray Ban' signature on the side of the glasses worn by a new assistant.
Cat eye Ray Bans.  I've never met anyone who had this pair.
But here they were.

I absolutely did not say anything about it.

I figured....finders keepers.

Glad she likes them.

When I told Patrick....he had a very different take!
"You didn't get them back?!?!

what if they weren't mine....
(and as I look at this picture...they are black and maybe the ones I saw today were tortoise shell)
blah, blah, blah,

and then he told me that one day a few year ago he saw someone at work drinking a Mountain Dew,
and he knew it was HIS Mountain Dew.  
He pointed at the pop and said in a gruff voice, "Is that MY pop?"

And the startled woman said.....
'Oh, they are not for everyone?'
She offered to give it back, half-drunk.

He said. No.

Two years later, he is still ticked.

He can not believe I did not ask for them back.
I couldn't do it.  Those words could not come out of my mouth.

I'm not ticked.
They looked cute on her,

What would you do????

The happy loser,

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Emmy's finest.

The Emmy's were held on Monday night.  The red carpet was fantastic!
One after another....
I chose my favorites....
You will be surprised by one or two of my choices this year.

Ellie Kemper in her pretty pink ruffled dress is not surprise.
Classic Donna pick.

Have you watched The Sinner?  This is Jessica Biel, she is the star and producer of The Sinner.
She is remarkable in this role.
I love her dress!  The shapes are unique and the cut is interesting and gorgeous!

How I love this dress.  I would buy this dress and wear it every day to every event.
For my body is perfection.  In fact, I don't think I have ever seen a dress at the Emmy's that I think I could wear ....that I also thought was gorgeous.
I will take it in every color!!

I know you love Michelle Dockery so I am sharing this picture.  The color blue is out of this world!!  And I love it!  The applique flowers are
But I will over look them because that blue is stunning.

Kristen Bell and her EARRINGS!
Holy giant diamonds Batman!

Her whole look is exquisite.  
That exaggerated neckline is special and sets this apart from other column dresses!

While I think a ball gown is not the best choice for the Emmy's....
This is kind of amazing.

This is Stefanie Robinson.  I do not know who she is but I thought this dress was a stand out.
I would make the shoulder straps a little thinner but the color and the tulle tiers are beautiful.

Taraji P. Henson looked fabulous.  The embroidery on her dress was pretty and feminine.  I like the shout dress with big, detailed train.   I think it is dramatic in the perfect way.
Her shoes and makeup are also lovely.  

I love this colorful, fun dress.
Technicolor.  Like TV :o)
I have never seen a dress with this color scheme in chiffon.
It's great!

And for those of you who love This is Us and Gilmore Girls....
Here is Milo making a cheeky, cute, Milo face!

Nice Tux.
It was great for a hot night :o)

There were many more lovelies....
Which were your favorites?