Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.
No time to say hello, good-bye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late
I'm late and when I wave, I lose the time I save.
My fuzzy ears and whiskers took me too much time to shave.
I run and then I hop, hop, hop, I wish that I could fly.
There's danger if I dare to stop and here's a reason why:
I'm over-due, I'm in a rabbit stew.
Can't even say good-bye,
hello, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

And, to think many women must be up and out of the house by Eight O'clock...
every morning.

I suppose it gets easier with practice :o)

And speaking of practice...
That is where we are heading.

Today and tomorrow the girls practice for the big Christmas Concert.

Dress Rehearsal today.

Very exciting! We're off to make a joyful noise :o)

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Newfound buried treasures

Cute books!

I found Angus and the Cat a little choppy to read outloud and even thought it might be missing pages, it was that choppy.

Angus and the ducks is just right.

Great Book study for Emma and me.

We each have a copy and I will have to buckle down to keep up with Emma. Her book came in two days before mine (at the library).

The folks at Mitford will have to wait. They seem a patient bunch.
I am reading At home in Mitford like a true resident of that sleepy hamlet.

I am also studying;

this language program on loan from the library.
I will let you know how much I can learn in two weeks.
It is a brand new item at our library (I'm the first to use it) perhaps I can renew it multiple times before other folks know it is there :o)

Finally I have a request from Katie;
She wonders if other children have imaginary friends when they are seven.

I told her I would ask you all.

She's hoping someone will say it is still okay to have an imaginary friend at nineteen.

I just smiled when she said this...but thought, yes some folks do still have imaginary friends when they are nineteen, but most of them are on medication; poor dears.

What are you reading and learning about this week?

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Something to mull over....

From Called to Obedience by Howie and Denny Dowell

Letting Christ Satisfy and Fulfill You

*understand and believe that Christ is all you need to be fulfilled
*understand that desires are not needs
*is focusing on obedience to Christ and trusting in His Character, commands and promises.

Deep, spiritually challenging words, I know.

But words of wisdom, like those above, are what get me thru the very toughest times,
especially trusting in His Character.

In a world filled with pain, suffering and confusion it is hard to really grasp the idea that God loves us.

Believing the Bible is True is critical.

Once I was certain the Bible was God's word I was able to sincerely believe His promises and trust Him.

I'm also certain I wouldn't have been able to do any of this(trusting and understanding) without the Holy Spirit guiding me along.

It seems so very complicated but I think it is as difficult and easy as abiding.

John 15:1,7

Abide in me, and I in you.

He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit:for with out me ye can do nothing.



"Thus, if you have really handed yourself over to Him, it must follow that you are
trying to obey Him.
But trying in a new way, a less worried way. Not doing these things in order to be saved, but because He has begun to save you already.
Not hoping to get to Heaven, as a reward for your actions, but inevitably wanting to act in a certain way because a first faint gleam of Heaven is already inside you."


Oh how I love that...first faint gleam of Heaven is already inside you.

Sometimes it may seem like just a dull burning ember....
but on a good day..

it's that first faint gleam.

Encourage one another,

Monday, November 27, 2006

Katie and I were invited to a special event last night.

We watched "Molly:An American Girl on the Home Front" with a big group of homeschool mothers and daughters.

The girls were invited to wear an outfit like Molly and bring a treat that the folks in the 1940's would have enjoyed.

The movie was very sweet and innocent. (and very sad, many families lost sons in the war overseas)

The tragedy of death is not a concept that Katie is ready to understand.
When I asked her if she cried she said,

"Well, I almost cried." said Katie.
"When was that?", I asked.
"When the girl had the nightmare."

Ah. Nightmares she can relate to. Interesting.


I was thinking of family traditions this morning.

And I forgot to tell you something special we have always done on Thanksgiving.

We send the kids bowling.

~Paul Martin/

Doesn't that just say Happy Thanksgiving?



My Christmas cards have been shipped! I created and ordered them from Shutterfly.

My hubby thinks this may be the earliest I've gotten the cards.

I told him, that may be....

but I still have time to drag it out.

Once here, a letter needs to be written for the cards, they must then be addressed and stamps must be purchased.

It's a big job.

But worth it, to me.

Will you send out Christmas cards?

Encourage one another,

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I choose us.

Patrick and I watched Family Man last night.
In the movie, in different circumstances, at different times, Jack and Kate tell one another,

"I choose us."

It the most important line in the movie.

Patirck and I have said that very thing to one another, in word and in deed over the last 26 years.

We wouldn't be celebrating our anniversary tomorrow,
if we hadn't chosen to love and forgive and honor and trust.

Over and over.
Again and again.

I choose us.

Encourage one another,

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hi there!

Hope your day was a great big success :o)
I posted that Scooby Doo cause he is so funny and makes me smile :o)
Believe it or not, I don't think I have ever seen a whole episode of Scooby Doo...but I know how he talks.
Like Astro and a bit like Tigger.

I wanted to tell you about a fun game we played over at the relatives house yesterday.

It is called Ticket to Ride.

This link will tell you all about the game.
Emma just now tells me she played this in England with the Waldeckers last summer.
She also said it was the #1 board game in Germany in 2004.


Guess who has been shopping already this morning?



Bought something.

But, I did not leave the comfort of my computer seat.

So smart :o)

Really I didn't plan on buying anything today.
But, this pattern just became available so I ponied up the five buckeroooos
and now I'm excited to knit a pattern designed by beautiful and talented, Wendy.


Do you go out into the fray to shop today?
I don't.
Millions love it, love it, love it!

But not me.
I feel a bit un-American :o)

Emma, however, will be working all day today and tomorrow at Old Navy.
She's young. She will not complain.

Enjoy those leftovers...
and your families :o)

Encourage one another,

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A quiz and a meme...

You Belong in Winter

Quiet, calm, and totally at peace...
You're happy to be at home, wrapped in a blanket, completely snowed in
Whether you're lighting a fire or having a snowball fight, you always feel best in the winter.

Favourite Animal: A good dog.
Favourite Bad Habit: watching tv
Favourite Cookie: My hubbies iced cut-outs
Favourite Drink: Dr. Pepper
Favourite Egg Style: Sunny side up!
Five Favourite Fiction Books: Where the Red Fern Grows, The Princess Bride, Seventeenth Summer, To Kill a Mockingbird, Sister of my Heart
Favourite Gadget: My sweet digital camera
Favourite Hymn: How Great Thou Art
Favourite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip ( I change this answer every time)
Favourite Jam: Strawberry
Favourite Kid's Books: Madeline
In an old house in Paris
that was covered with vines
lived twelve little girls
in two straight lines...

Favourite Love Song: I Remember You
Favourite Memories: Usually involve laughing with loved ones.
Favourite Nonfiction Book: Ina Garten cookbooks, The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace, Poetry and quotes in Gateway to Joy by Elisabeth Elliot
Favourite Operatic Song: Nessun Dorma ( I had to looks listen to the snippets at Amazon this morning from the only Opera Cd I won; The Three Tenors, to find a song I liked. This is a beautiful and dramatic piece. You would know it too, if you heard it :o) My opera is basically limited to background music from cartoons and movies.
Favourite Piece of Music at the moment: How to save a life (Grey's Anatomy music sung by the Fray)
Favourite Quiet Spot: The couch.
Favourite Reading when you're sick: I am so rarely sick. Once when I was recovering from a ruptured appendix and I was very sick a friend brought me the book A Wrinkle in Time to read. She thought it would did.
Favourite Song that you want played at your funeral: In Christ Alone
Favourite Task: Knitting
Favourite Ugly Animal: pig

Favourite Vintage Book: My little collection of Dorothy Aldis poetry. 1920's.
Favourite Writing of C.S Lewis: Mere Christianity
Favourite Word That Starts with X: xenophobia
Favourite Zoo: Brookfield...I have good memories of this zoo. I remember the huge lawn and fountain...and the dolphins.

a wish

I wish for you all... a day with plenty of time to organize and prepare for tomorrow.
Safe travels for all of you who will be on the road,
cheerful visitors,
hungry tummies,
big laughs,
grateful hearts
a clean kitchen and enough room in your fridge for all the leftovers :o)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Day!

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The tears kept showing up, unexpectedly through the day....

So I just decided not to think about it. Just like Scarlett.
Even thinking about it in a positive way was not working.
But, distraction worked pretty well.

Call it what you will...

It has been said that denial is like a warm coat.
You keep it on because it is awfully cold when you take it off.
You wear it for a reason.

So Emma and I searched for and booked hotels in Paris, Florence and Rome.
I tried to book rail passage from Paris to Florence.
It seems to be a little early to do that.

We watched the first part of Lady Jane.
I waited for months for this movie to come in at the library.
Did one of you recommend it?

Katie and I read The Courage of Sarah Noble.

I have to bribe Katie to read to her. Isn't that sad.

So I scratched her back and read two chapters.

Then I read to her when she ate dinner.

This was genius.

Katie ate very well and she finally got interested in the story.

We sat on the couch to finish the final two chapters.

She listened willingly.

Here is a poem I just stumbled upon this morning in Step by Step (A Pathway Reader)

Forget each kindness that you do
As soon as you have done it;
Forget the praise that falls to you
The moment you have won it;
Forget the slander that you hear
Before you can repeat it;
Forget each slight, each spite, each sneer,
Whenever you may meet it.

Remember every kindness done
To you, whate'er its measure;
Remember praise by others won
And pass it on with pleasure;
Remember every promise made
And keep it to the letter;
Remember those who lend you aid
And be a grateful debtor.

Remember all the happiness
That comes your way in living;
Forget each worry and distress,
Be hopeful and forgiving;
Remember good, remember truth,
Remember heaven's above you,
And you will find, through age and youth,
True joys and hearts to love you.

~Delores Henderson

Sweet poem.
Good advice!

Encourage one another,

Monday, November 20, 2006

Now Thank We All Our God

Now thank we all our God,
With heart and hands and voices,
Who wondrous things has done,
In whom this world rejoices;
Who from our mothers' arms
Has blessed us on our way
With countless gifts of love,
And still is ours today.

O may this bounteous God
Through all our life be near us,
With ever joyful hearts
And blessed peace to cheer us;
And keep us still in grace,
And guide us when perplexed;
And free us from all ills,
In this world and the next.

All praise and thanks to God
The Father now be given;
The Son, and him who reigns
With them in highest heaven;
The one eternal God,
Whom earth and heaven adore;
For thus it was, is now,
And shall be evermore.

Sing along here

It is going to take a grand effort on my part to be thankful this week.
The fact that the boys are not going to be here makes me very sad and I could easily wallow in pity for the entire week ahead.

But, I know it is wrong to be so ungrateful of all the other blessing in my life and I will try to concentrate on so many other very good things.

Don't let your children ever leave home.


Good luck with that :o)

Encourage one another,

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tragedy :o(

My favorite socks
made with my favorite sock yarn
sprouted a big fat hole


I'm loving this color combo.
I toyed with the idea of some forest green...
but this Grinch green
makes me smile


Carmon posted this poem yesterday.

Katie is going to be working on it next week.
She has the gift of memorization :o)
(I hear it has something to do with her age.)

Forefather’s Day
by Edgar Guest

Look back three hundred years and more:
A group upon a rock-bound shore,
Borne by the Mayflower o’er the sea,
Pledged hearts and lives to liberty.

They were the few we hail with pride
Singing: “Land where our fathers died,”
Daring to die that this might be
Forever: “Land of the noble free.”

At Plymouth Rock they could not know
How far their shadows then would go,
That freedom (as today we sing)
From every mountainside should ring.

“Our Fathers’ God to Thee” I pray
That we, devoted as were they,
Who sing: “Long may our land be bright”
Shall cherish: “Freedom’s holy light.”

Isn't that a fine poem?

Encourage one another,

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey! It's the Friday Feast

Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets?

No. Not really.

What is one thing you said you'd never do, but you eventually did?

Marry a smoker.

Who is the teacher that influenced you the most in school?

No one. I was influenced by neighbors and friends and family and authors but not by any teachers that I can think of.

Main Course
If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be and why?

I think I would like to be Oprah.
Cause I could really do that show.
And I would love to get to ask the questions.
And there would be a chef and trainer and Chicago and I would be building a school in Africa.
It would be an interesting day.

What is your favorite dish to prepare?

It's more like...favorite dish to eat after I have prepared it. I don't know that I actually like the preparation time. Just the eating.
Actually the making is a pain in the butt. The gravy making comes at the most stressful time. I have the big roaster turned sideways so it sits on two burners. It's super hot in the kitchen.

But the results are delicious.

Homemade turkey gravy.

Fine Art

You must click on this painting by Swiss artist Albert Anker to see the home-y details.
Notice momma resting in the shadows.
I happen to love the linens.

Here is a link to more of his art.

The little girl holding the baby is so sweet.
See the baby's sweater?

Gotta run. See you in the comments :o)

Encourage one another,

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lovable Jock Wins Dance Crown

All I could think of when I read this piece from the Edmonton Sun was...
those Canadians are Fun-ee

Read about the Dancing with the Stars finale here

"But Smith, aside from being a football hero, family man and all-around decent dude, represents what people love about reality TV: That it could be us up there, going from shuffling newbie to king of the swing in 16 short weeks, and taking home the big prize."
Steve Tilly, Edmonton Sun

And to think...neither of my sisters called to gloat.
Ain't they sweet :o)


Katie went with the dental assistant happy as a lark,
and emerged five ten minutes later,
thinking her mommy was a big fat liar.

"It did not even hurt one little bit."

Once the dentist got a good look at the little tiny cavity, he decided to scrape away a bit of the decay and just placed a sealant on it.
No drilling needed.

Painless....and cheaper.


So we went to Whole Foods and bought some yummy treats (strawberries for Katie, Curried Chicken Salad for me) and some Burt's Bees lip gloss for Katie.


Three days = three tiny socks ornaments for teacher gifts.

I hope to find some red sock yarn...soon.....


I'm hungry, let's talk about food :o)

If you could go out to eat tomorrow night...anywhere in the world;
Where would you go?

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Katie has a filling today.

I was not going to tell her.
That it might hurt a little.
Emma told me I should tell her.
So I did.

She took the news with a calm 'uh huh'.


I can imagine crying and wailing. Really.
(Katie does not handle the hair brushing well.)

My sister Cindy, screamed and kicked and had a fit one time at the dentist.
Oh it was a shocker!

How old were you Cindy?

It was rather scary, back then, wasn't it?

Until today, the Dentist is a place of smiles and attention for Miss Katie. ( She even wants to work there.)
I'll let you know what she thinks after today.


Emma took Katie to Flushed Away last Sunday. They both liked it very much. Emma especially liked the setting. London, England.


Who will win?

Emmitt or Mario?

I called in five times for Mario.

It seems Emmitt has the popular vote.
But this is not a popularity contest.
It's dancing with the stars.

Mario wins!

(Bring it on)


Someone very special is celebrating her One Year Blogiversary!

Please stop by and give her a little encouragement.
(Which means leave a comment :o)
It would mean a lot to her.

We Glyman girls live for the comments.

Well...not entirely...but you get the drift :o)

(Her post for today is not up yet as it's may need to give her a little time as she is in Arizona. But don't let that stop ya!)


Thanks for being such loyal readers, visitors and commenters to my blog.
It would be rather lonely without ya!

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Souls are not made sweet by taking [ill tempers] out, but by putting something in -- a great Love, a new Spirit, the Spirit of Christ. Christ, the Spirit of Christ, interpenetrating ours, sweetens, purifies, transforms all. This can only eradicate what is wrong, renovate and regenerate, and rehabilitate the inner man. Will-power does not change men. Time does not change men. Christ does. Therefore "Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus."
Henry Drummond, The Greatest Thing in the World

Encourage one another,

Monday, November 13, 2006

Book club discussion at Barnes and

Fascinating and informative reading on the Thirteenth Tale forum!
If you have read the will love this link!

The Thirteenth Tale book club

I spotted this link at Crissy's a few weeks ago and just remembered to go and see it this morning.

And speaking of lurking in the recesses of your mind....

Christmas is six full weeks away. Six weeks of shopping and planning and shipping and decorating.

Oh dear.

I had better get busy. I think I will make a list. That's always a great place to start.

I did something last spring that is going to give me so much peace this Christmas season.

I saved a nice chunk of money from our tax refund.
Earmarked- Christmas.

I will be able to shop without worry and stress.

How do I spell relief?

Savings account!

Thanksgiving is only ten days away. I don't think the boys will be coming home.
This is terribly terrible.
It's just not right.

Matthew's favorite meal is the Thanksgiving meal.

Have you started planning for Christmas?
How is Thanksgiving coming along?

Did you know Dana is planning a wedding just a few days after Christmas?

I can do all things,
thru Christ who strengthens me.
~Phil 4:13

Encourage one another,

Saturday, November 11, 2006

On Wednesday it was 70 degrees here in Wisconsin.
Yesterday afternoon we had our first WINTER STORM WATCH.
Our weather people are sooooo dramatic!

I, thankfully, just got to watch it all from the warmth and comfort of the family room.

Big, fat, floaty flakes.

The driving in there's the rub.


The fenceposts wear marshmallow hats
On a snowy day;
Bushes in their night gowns
Are kneeling down to pray-
And all the trees have silver skirts
And want to dance away.

~Dorothy Aldis

~My precious Dorothy Aldis library.

Who is your favorite children's poet?

I love Aldis and Stevenson.

Encourage one another,

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Feast...
is taking a here is a do-over with some adjustments.

Where do you plan to go on vacation this year, or where would you want to go?

It's true.
The airplane tickets have been purchased.
We are going to Paris, Florence, and Rome in the Spring.

I am planning a fine Senior trip for Emma and two of her friends.
After 12 years of homeschooling (classical, of late) I thought Europe was the best place to visit, especially for a girl like Emma.

She will spend her 18th birthday in Paris!

I am so excited!

What color is your bedroom? If you could redecorate it, what would you change?

White now.
Light blue.

Do you have a bumper sticker on your vehicle? What does it say?

Nope. Hubby hates 'em.
Can't get 'em off.

Main Course
What’s the worst pain you’ve ever been in?

Emotional pain.
Nuff said.

Do you have a hero?

Elisabeth Elliot.

Fine Art Friday, too....

William Bouguereau
The Little Knitter

Bouguereau is a new discovery for me.
I adore his work.

Now I would like to know how to pronounce his name.
Can anyone help me with that?

See you in the comments.

Encourage one another,

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Did you watch Dancin' with the Stars last night?

Well...I tivoed it and let me tell you it is the only way to watch a results show.
Ten minutes and I knew who got the axe.

Sweet Joey is gone and Darlin' Emmitt and Amazing Mario are left to duke it out next week on the finale.

I really don't know who will win.

I may need to vote.

My sister's love Emmitt Smith. And while I love his style and smile...
Mario has the form and moves I adore!

And in other television news;

Regis won his match on Celebrity Jeopardy!!!

Well done!

Seems you have finally mastered THE Buzzer!!!


Tonight we have Grey's Anatomy.

Who would have thought that Alex would turn out to be the most watchable character on the show?

Remember him in The Wedding Planner as Massimo?

And so...

Here ends the Quiet Life Television Blog.

I know that 80 % of you don't even watch tv.

But, I just couldn't help myself.

I like to watch.

Encourage one another,

(I feel silly to write 'Encourage one another' after that post. :o)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a little thing.

You can say thank you to one of our soldiers...and you don't even have to leave your computer.

Click this to send a thank you card

It's easy and it's free.

My friend, Camy, has a big brother, Boyd, stationed in Iraq.
I am praying for his safety while serving and his for his safe return to his homeland and family.

They seem like little things...
But sometimes the little things are the only things we have any control over.

I saw election results come in on the computer last night. And some of the good folks I voted for didn't win. And I was really not that invested anyway. (But I have some good friends who supported a candidate they truly believed in and he lost also)

So I do what I can, in my little world.

There are plenty of places to love and serve and let a little sun shine in...

The National elections may get all the attention, and I will continue to vote...
but it's the day to day, the everyday,
that matters.

Encourage one another,

And that is as political as it will ever get around here :o)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cynthia Rylant keeps writing about Mr. Putter and his cat Tabby.
And we keep smiling right along with her.

Click to see the cover of this sweet book.

Mr. Putter and Mrs. Teaberry are next door neighbors. They are the best kind of friends. Their pets do what most pets do; they keep us company and entertain us just a little, and wreak havoc now and then.

Well...and then you add knitting and yarn to the mix.
Classic Putter!

I think if I had a biographer, it would be Cynthia Rylant.

Her stories are quiet and simple with a little chaos or adventure thrown in.

No wonder I like them so well.

Encourage one another,

Monday, November 06, 2006

The best of the Christmas picture attempts.

I am not a big planner of this sort of thing. We should have taken the picture the night before when everyone was awake...with bright eyes, dry hair and makeup.

Really, I think everyone looks quite nice for the time and the effort.

And even if it is not going to be The Christmas Photo...

it's a good reminder of that that place.

Highlights of the trip to Omaha-

*Fabulous weather for soccer. One exciting soccer win.
*Lots of volleyball matches!!! Two game wins. New experiences, hard work, and lots of fun.
*Visiting with gentle, thoughtful Melinda.
*Meeting funny, talkative Shelby.
*Staying with even-keeled Matthew(it really was nice to stay at his place!)
*Watching Patrick goof around with the folks at work.
*New places, new apartments, new kittens...
*Yummy food, loads of laughter, plenty of hugs.

It was great to spend time with The Girlfriends. It's neat to see them interact with the boys. Both girls were so sweet with Katie. They made sure Katie was not totally lost in the big person shuffle.
Thank you, Melinda and Shelby :o)

Other than was just a fantastic time spent with the ones I love.

Who could ask for anything more...

Oh except...

Be always coming home.

So what did you do last the weekend?
Any news?

Encourage one another,

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Omaha or Bust

The National Homeschool Volleyball Tournament is being held in Omaha this weekend.
Emma left minutes ago.
Katie and I will follow tomorrow and dh will come when he is done with work(on an undisclosed and later date.)

Emma is staying in at the hotel with the soccer families.
(The National Soccer Tournament is in Omaha, too.)

Katie and I will be staying with Matthew!
I'm looking forward to a nice visit with the boys and Melinda and perhaps meeting Shelby.

Katie can't wait to see Melinda and her new kitten.
And of course, her big brothers :o)

What a different life little Katie has with siblings who are so much older than her.
It is sure to mold her personality in some unique ways.
Don't you think?

Here is the website for the Volleyball tournament.

And here a some cute little trick or treaters.

I won't be able to post in the morning so I will leave you with a little something I read last night from Jan Karon's At Home in Mitford;

"Accept, O Lord, our thanks and praise for all that you've done for us. We thank you for the blessing of family and friends, and for the loving care which surrounds us on every side. Above all, we give you thanks for the great mercies and promises given to us in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whose name we pray."


Encourage one another,