Friday, December 24, 2021

Dear Baby Jesus


Christmas is for reflecting.
Looking back at your own life and remembering special, warm, happy times.
It's for remembering the story of Jesus' birth.
What that means to you and your faith.
The story of baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph is important to me
because it is where my faith begins. And when I get overwhelmed with this crazy world,
and theology and stuff I think about that little baby in the manger and I think about Mary and the Angel and I ask myself,
is it true?
And my heart calms and I know all will be well.
Because in my heart I know it is true.
Merry Christmas dear ones.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Family Christmas Show 1967

I've yet to watch this one all the way through, but I'll be doing that now....

Dean and Frank.  How we loved them.  As I watched the sing Marshmallow world, which is the cutest snazziest song,  I hadn't remembered  Dean being so silly.  And to be honest, I didn't remember the song at all.  Cindy made a Christmas CD many years ago (when we burned CD's) and she put Marshmallow World on it.  I liked it right away ;o).  AND....I've noticed the radio stations are starting to play it again! 

Enjoy another oldie on me.


Donna Elsie



Monday, December 20, 2021

Andy Williams Christmas Special 1966

I've loved to watch tv my whole life.  This is too fun to find the old Christmas specials on YouTube.
Corny with lots and lots of great caroling!!

Ho ho

Donna Elsie

Thursday, December 09, 2021

Thanksgiving in windy Omaha.

River loves to swing!

Melinda has become the family photographer with the best pictures!!!
This is Dotti enjoying a super visit to the park.

Hello Silas!  You are growing so fast and are so smart!

River turned two!  
How adorable is this picture???  

Happy, happy Dotti!

Lorelei and Zeke are just a few  weeks apart in age.  Classic....girls mature earlier.  

River can drink out of a glass now.  Melinda put a little makeup on's cute to see Melinda have a chance to play 'girl auntie'.  

Don't blow away Katie!

My baby with her first nephew ;o)

Emma was a nanny for many boys.....
she is totally enjoying her little girl.

A quick portrait with James and Emma!  

A Thanksgiving miracle!!!  No one thought it possible....but we moved quickly and I'm delighted to have this wonderful grandchildren line-up!!!

I'm so thankful that the girls all get along so well.

Katie cut her bangs for a halloween costume and now has Farrah Faucett hair!!!

My very favorite kind of picture.


This picture is too funny for words.

Sweeney Todd???

You should see Malachi climb!!  Oh so high....I can not watch.

Mr Serious with his dad.

Emma is expecting in May!!!


It's stress hosting twenty-some people!! 
Matthew making us laugh by digging out a high school shirt!

"It fits"

Also making us laugh by reinforcing the benches for the many bottoms.

I loved getting to see everyone. Patrick did not come because he does not want to get covid.  
I hope he gets over that fear.  

Now we are back to the very quiet....quiet life.  
It's either one or the other extreme.

I'm gradually Christmas shopping and decorating.  I'm ready for it this my heart.  Seems everyone is really ready.... super early.....

Happy Christmas time.

Lots of love,