Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Six kisses when I wake, six candles on my cake. 2016

I looked up the words to this sweet poem this morning as I could not remember any part of it but the darling end.
What should pop up in google....the second entry....
Quiet life blog title 
Six kisses when I wake,
Six candles on my cake.

December 24, 2005

It was for Katie.

I love that I have a child in high school and a grandchild in kindergarten.
I love my blog for as I get older it is such a source of happy memories and fun times and friendship.

I love our family.
I love that it continues to grow.

So much joy and fun and love.

Love you Asher.
Happy 6th birthday!

author unknown

Love Always,
Miz Boo

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Getting Wet.

The last time I was on a sailboat.
It capsized.
Plop. Right into Green Bay.
We were close to shore and could stand up.  It was not scary.
Just a bit shocking.

The last time I was in a canoe.
It capsized.
Right into a shallow river in Rockford Mich.
It was not scary.
Just wet.

I forgot about those spills 
until I sat down to post these pictures.

AS imperceptibly as grief
The summer lapsed away,—
Too imperceptible, at last,
To seem like perfidy.
A quietness distilled,        5
As twilight long begun,
Or Nature, spending with herself
Sequestered afternoon.
The dusk drew earlier in,
The morning foreign shone,—        10
A courteous, yet harrowing grace,
As guest who would be gone.
And thus, without a wing,
Or service of a keel,
Our summer made her light escape        15
Into the beautiful.

~Emily Dickinson

Encourage one another,

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cleaning up messes...and good things too.

I'm glad it was my fault, cause if my husband had done it I may have been
madder.  haha

Sunday afternoon I ran to the basement to do a load of wash.
Sunday evening my husband yelled to me from the basement that the floor was wet.

It wasn't just the floor...the was under half the basement....carpet.  (foam underneath)
He thought the wash machine was broken and had leaked...
but it turns out that that is not where the water came from.

I grabbed two fans and all the towels and started mopping up.
I mopped up as much as I could and went to bed.
Monday morning, I went down to check on things and water seemed to be still coming in....
from somewhere...

I wondered.

Did I leave the faucet on when I watered the tomato plants on Saturday?

I went outside, of course, in my pajamas to check.  (I hope the neighbors did not see me. But that would have made for a funnier story, I guess. )

And there it was, the faucet was on, just the tiniest bit.

The ground was totally saturated and the window well was full of water.
I bailed out the window well as much as I could.

Headed back downstairs to spin the towels, dry the towels and mop up some more.

I have spun and dried and mopped about ten times now.

This morning it still feels very wet in some sections of the I will focus on those today.

I am thankful that the wash machine is not broken.
I am getting lots of exercise.

It's a small inconvenience.
(I'm thinking of others.)

It could be worse.


Number 2 in the egg series.


The egg was bigger than the others...
But I never suspected.
Twin eggs are very rare.

I can remember my mother exclaiming with glee when she got a double yolk.

The things we remember.
They are the oddest things.

I love you mom.
Look!  I got a double yolk!

Encourage one another,

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dad and son sing a favorite old song together...

"Dad was a singer throughout his life - he was a Butlin's Redcoat and then travelled around singing in clubs around the country. He worked in a factory after he got married and still did a bit of singing on side. His nickname is The Songaminute Man - simply because of how many songs he knows.   In the last few years his memory has deteriorated a lot - often not recognizing family.   However, now when we've got him singing again he's back in the room. It's these moments that we treasure."
~Simon McDermott with his dad Ted.


Here at home, Katie made a big decision...she decided not to try out for volleyball.
The reasons...complicated and personal...

But she is very happy and relieved.

She still loves volleyball and will play intramurals and maybe some beach in the future.


I have a dentist apt. this morning.  I don't mind the dentist...I just mind the bad news I get every time I go.   It's my least favorite part of expensive. :o(


The other day I took a look at my eggs and thought they looked like Wall-E.
Hi Wall-E!

donna boo

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Twins, oh Twins.

Six years ago Katie met up with the Klement's sausage at our local grocery store. 
A few days ago Simone Biles met up with Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics.

If you ask me...
it's pretty uncanny.

donna elsie

p.s. i did not take the photo on the right.
I think it's from Simon's Instagram.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Olympic Fever

I am winning at the Olympics.
I've got the four stations memorized and I am watching like a champ.

My favorite sports are Michael Phelps swimming,
women's gymnastics, beach volleyball and indoor volleyball.

I've seen some cool rugby, tragic cycling, funny ping pong and snooze worthy soccer.

I've decided Marco Polo should be a sport...cause everything else is...
And I have decided that the opposite of being an Olympian is being a couch potato Olympic watcher.

Ah the irony.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
What is the strangest sport you have watched?

still cheering after all these years

Friday, August 05, 2016

August afternoon.

Hot, with crickets
flowers drooping
cottonball clouds slowly drifting
quiet walks among the bees

August arrives


Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Choir, Choir Choir. Inspirational.

A request goes out on social media to come and learn a song and sing....
The song is learned in a few hours.
And then they preform it.

How beautiful is this???

I love it so much!